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In our insights section you can find news, articles and upcoming events around foresight and innovation. Choose one of the most tagged categories below. If you are also interested in academic work, you can find a wide range of selected academic publications from the previous years in Publications.

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What we've been reading lately

16.12.2020 Created by Jesper Niemann
Food for thought in the areas of foresight, business & tech, health & people, energy & environment, logistics & mobility, AI & computing

Air transport will never be the same again…

7.12.2020 Created by René Rohrbeck
4 drivers of change herald a radical transition in air transportation: business travel, regionalization of routes, “star” networks, and flight shaming

On Paradoxes, Constants, And Effects

16.06.2020 Created by Jesper Niemann
The team at Rohrbeck Heger looked at the Osborne effect, Jevons paradox and Marchetti's constant and shows which specific predictions can be derived.

Foresight-Driven Innovation Webinar

15.05.2020 Created by Ulrike Hempel
In today’s fast paced environment, it becomes harder and harder to foresee future developments and the potential for long term success of new products and services. Traditional planning and innovation…