• We aim at identifying change, creating insights and using future outlooks to create value for your organization.

  • Strategic Foresight is defined as an act or power of foreseeing, prescience, an act of looking forward

    - Richard A. Slaughter 

  • "The secret to being the sharpest pencil in the innovation drawer is an R&D organization that thinks fast and plans ahead - from start to finish."
    - AT Kearney

  • We provide support in designing strategies and developing actions based on market and technology trends.

  • We scout, source and filter startups, new ventures and early-stage companies from Europe for our clients.

  • "If you want to set the course, you can't be guided by what others have done. You've got to anticipate changes and seize the opportunities they provide."
    - Joe Kaeser, CEO Siemens

  • "In all our businesses, we are emphasising the importance of corporate foresight and customer insight."

    - Cyrus P Mistry, former Chairman of Tata Group 

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Who we are

We are strategic foresight and innovation consultants. We are creative, critical and analytical thinkers with the drive to prepare our clients for the future. Our services aim to help you be prepared for future trends, events and developments in a way that lets you create value and shape your company's future. 

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What we offer

We support our clients in translating trends into economic value. With our clients we engage in identifying growth opportunities outside current business, refocussing R&D spending towards high-margin innovations, and building strategic foresight systems that enable them to initiate and fuel innovations.

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How we work

We place great importance on reliability, commitment, open communication, quality and innovativeness. We are determined to deliver the best possible solution to our clients and work as closely as possible with them to do so.

More about us

Blog articles

Engineering Value to Win in the Market

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One of the best determinants for a firm’s long-term profitability and stock price development is its ability to create customer value. It has also...

Industry 4.0: Modular and Architectural Innovation

10.07.2018 Erstellt von Giacomo Villa, Tobias Heger

Industry 4.0 – while still not yet clearly defined – can be considered to be one of the biggest architectural innovations in the industrial...

Management in times of transition - Die Mobilität von morgen

01.12.2017 Erstellt von Tobias Heger, Sebastian Knab

Die Mobilität von morgen gestalten: Management in Zeiten sozio-technischer Transitionen (Article in German)

Case Studies
From workshops to building up complete
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Academic work
A change of perspective, validation and guarantee for state-of-the-art work

Case study: Telecommunications Consortium

Case Study: Business Field Exploration

Telecommunications Consortium


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Knab, Sebastian; Rohrbeck, R.