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    Foresight-Driven Innovation: Innovate the Future

    We support you in identifying opportunities of tomorrow and capturing them now


    Foresight-Driven Strategy: Prepare for the Future

    We help you in preparing for the future, building robust strategies and managing under uncertainty


    New Business: Grow into the Future

    We help you in identifying future growth fields and probing into the markets of tomorrow


    Innovation Portfolio: Optimize for the Future

    We help you in balancing your short-, mid- and long-term innovation portfolio to enhance performance and resilience

  • Ecosystem Building: Partner for the Future

    We explore the future together with you and your partners and co-create tomorrow’s solutions


    Education and Keynotes: Learn for the Future

    We teach you how to understand, manage and innovate in an uncertain future


    Future Fitness: Improve your Foresight Capabilities

    We help you in detecting your strengths and weaknesses and improving the future fitness of your organization

What we do

We help our clients use foresight to be future prepared. With our clients, we collaborate on strategy, innovation, and capability development powered by foresight.

Who we are

We are strategic foresight and innovation consultants. We are creative, critical and analytical thinkers with the drive to prepare our clients for the future. Our services aim to help you be prepared for future trends, events and developments in a way that lets you create value and shape your company's future.

How we work

We place great importance on reliability, commitment, open communication, quality and innovativeness. We are determined to deliver the best possible solution to our clients and work as closely as possible with them to do so.

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We work as closely as possible with our clients, to deliver foresight insights and capabilities that match their requirements.

Events, talks and keynotes
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In 2021, we are hosting #RHFutureAtelier, a series of online collaborative workshops focusing on the application of foresight methods and their impact on specific industries.
The next event is coming up on June 21 and 23st & 23rd on
Food in 2030 – Drivers of Change in the Food Industry.

Strategic Foresight Insights

  • The Future of Food – 9 Trends to Watch Towards 2030

    The Future of Food – 9 Trends to Watch Towards 2030

    The food sector will face numerous challenges in the coming decade. From the race to develop plant-based meat substitutes to the power of AI-enabled personalized nutrition, disruptive drivers of change are just around the corner, waiting to break through. What will the future of food look like in 2030? From our research in the field, […]Read article
  • AI, Aging Millennials, and Asset Tokenization:  What trends will define financial services in the decade to come?

    AI, Aging Millennials, and Asset Tokenization: What trends will define financial services in the decade to come?

    For our second RH FutureAtelier focusing on financial services, we identified top trends for 2021 and beyond, outlined the practice of corporate foresight, and explored what it will mean for the sector. Financial services are a pillar of society. As such, their foundations have not changed for centuries: payments, lending, insurance, accounts—financial service providers offer […]Read article
  • Mobiliar – a systematic approach to foresight-driven innovation

    Mobiliar – a systematic approach to foresight-driven innovation

    Mobiliar is the oldest private insurance and pension company in Switzerland, insuring a third of all households and companies in the country. For nearly 200 years, the company has provided Swiss consumers with safety and reliability. The cornerstone of Mobiliar’s long-term success? A relentless focus on the future of the customer and systematic pursuit of […]Read article

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June 15, 2021 at 1:32pm
Join us next Wednesday (June 23rd) for our #FutureAtelier on the future of the #foodindustry. Hear from @MDLZ Head of #Foresight and discuss top trends with our experts! Sign up here: #food #futureproof #mondelez #rohrbeckheger
June 15, 2021 at 2:58am
How do you evaluate what #trends mean? It’s vital to filter and prioritize what happens once you have identified them. Rohrbeck Heger advises on how to derive #insights and define #actions using #foresight. Read more in our #report on #finance trends here: Rohrbeckheger photo
June 14, 2021 at 10:12am
On Monday, June 21, @ReneRohrbeck will be hosting a panel discussion on cross-industry #foresight, together with Jan Oliver Schwarz! Connect with foresight experts and learn from best practices.

Looking forward to this year's @ispim #Innovation #conference!
Rohrbeckheger photo
René Rohrbeck @ReneRohrbeck
Dear network, you are warmly invited to our @ispim
innovation conference. Sign up here to participate to this event and virtually meet our panel of 6 foresight specialists.

@EDHEC_BSchool @EdhecAlumni
June 11, 2021 at 3:00am
How can the impact of strategic #foresight be visualized? What are the differences between a #futureproof organization and one that is not? Strategic Foresight aims at making the right #decisions today for the long-term #future.

#strategy #innovation #business #postcovid19
Rohrbeckheger photo
June 10, 2021 at 9:02am
What does this look like in practice? And why did Mondelez choose this route of future-preparedness? Learn from Serhiy and other food industry experts in our interactive virtual session as we explore the future of food!
June 10, 2021 at 9:02am
Meet Serhiy Kalinovsky, Senior Manager Strategic Foresight at @MDLZ , at the next #RHFutureAtelier on June 23rd. He leads the multinational company’s ongoing efforts to build its #foresight capabilities and realize its ambitious #vision: to lead the #future of snacking. Rohrbeckheger photo