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We help our clients use foresight to be future prepared. With our clients, we collaborate on strategy, innovation, and capability development powered by foresight.

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We are strategic foresight and innovation consultants. As creative, critical and analytical thinkers with the drive to prepare our clients for the future, our services aim to help you be prepared for future trends, events and developments that create value.

How we work

We place great importance on reliability, commitment, open communication, quality and innovativeness. We are determined to deliver the best possible solution to our clients and work as closely as possible with them to do so.

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We work as closely as possible with our clients, to deliver foresight insights and capabilities that match their requirements.

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NEW: Foresight That Works, 2023

Here's a peek into our exclusive Foresight event held for foresighters by foresighters, in our charming Berlin office.

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