Rohrbeck Heger GmbH

  • Clients & Cases


Maturity Assessment and Foresight Training

  • Corporate Foresight Fundamentals Training (global Bosch Training programme)
  • Future Preparedness Benchmarking of Bosch Mobility Solutions

Maturity Assessment, Foresight Team

  • Future Preparedness Benchmarking
  • Foresight Capability Development Plan
  • Foresight Team Build-up & Advisory
  • Innovation Radar Framework Development

Executive Training: Corporate Foresight

  • 5-day Corporate Foresight Executive Training
  • MBA level

Foresight Advisory

  • Radar-based Foresight Processes
  • Foresight-Driven Innovation Workshops

Executive Foresight Training

  • Scenario-driven Strategy Processes (Training)
  • Strategy Under Uncertainty (Keynote)

Foresight Capability Development

  • Foresight-driven Technology Management process advisory
  • Technology Radar Framework implementation

Foresight Symposium

  • Foresight Symposium
  • Property 2040 Scenario Development

Networked Foresight Platform

  • Implementation of GSMA Global Mobile Trend Radar (Tool, process, engagement)
  • Trend Research - Future of Finance, Mobile, Communications

Foresight-based Technology Management

  • Tools & Processes for Foresight-driven Technology Management (Guest Lectures)

Executive Training 

  • Corporate Foresight & Organizational Future Orientation (KTH Executive Program)
  • Future of Financial Services (Workshop sessions)

Strategic Foresight Capability Development

  • Corporate Foresight CoE - design & implementation support
  • Strategic Foresight eLearning

Foresight Capability Advisory

  • Future Preparedness Benchmarking
  • Radar-based Foresight Processes

CxO Workshops, Capability Assessment & Audit

  • Future Preparedness Benchmarking
  • Corporate Foresight Essentials (CxO Keynote)
  • Foresight Capability Development Action Plan
  • Radar-based Foresight Processes

Senior Management Workshop

  • Future Preparedness Benchmarking
  • Foresight Capability Development Action Plan