Rohrbeck Heger GmbH

Corporate Foresight

Benefit from new opportunities

Market and technological change, increasing product complexity and disruptions, industry convergence, and new value creation systems open growth opportunities in uncontested market spaces. To benefit from new opportunities and prevent being blindsided by fundamental threats, we support you to:

  • Continuously and systematically monitor the environment, and to detect and prepare for change timely
  • Adopt a listening post and early warning function within your organization
  • Identify new growth fields beyond existing businesses and trigger adequate action
  • Provide an interactive, action- oriented platform to integrate internal and external knowledge and create new business under uncertainty.


Building up foresight functions

Increasingly, companies bundle foresight activities and capabilities in dedicated foresight functions. We have a track record of supporting this phase. We support you in building up these functions and:


  • Define the value proposition and service offering of the new function for internal customers
  • Define your role as well as interfaces with other central functions, business units, and processes
  • Selectively build-up a foresight toolbox that matches your company’s needs
  • Adopt and make best use of existing foresight software tools
  • Temporarily support you with our staff in times of heavy work load.


Selected offerings