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  • Navigating in STORMS - From Uncertainty to Action

Navigating in STORMS - From Uncertainty to Action

In turbulent times it can be difficult to act with clarity and certainty. Facing a crisis or ‘black swan’-like event, the next 6 months can seem even more uncertain than the next 6 years. It can also be difficult to understand the true impact of unfolding events on the organization.

These are turbulent times. COVID19 has disruptive effects from global to local level. From industries to individuals, uncertainty about the future looms as the current crisis goes way beyond a health crisis and has the potential of restructuring the global economy. The immediate near-term impact on us remains unclear and uncertain for many.  Questions like:

  • How long will lock-downs and quarantines last?
  • What repercussions will this have across society, industries and particularly my industry?
  • What are imminent and mid-term risks and opportunities?
  • How can we adapt to new ways of working?

There are many difficult questions – and no easy solutions or answers. Nevertheless, the situation we face today calls for immediate responses. The ones who act fast and determined while remaining agile can gain immensely, others will fall victim to this crisis.


The Solution: STORMS

Scenarios. Tactics. Operations. Response. Manual. Strategy.

Inspired by our foresight methodology for assessing the long-term future, we have developed a sprint methodology to structure decision-making processes under uncertainty.

Immediate Value Contribution

  • Reduce uncertainty and gain clarity rapidly
  • Align the Management & Leadership
  • Make fast decisions on a profound understanding of a given situation
  • Preserve the current business and capture emerging opportunities
  • Increase organizational agility and responsiveness

Mid-term Value Contribution

  • Increase resilience of your company
  • Improve your competitive position, gain an additional advantage over competition
  • Identify and capture new markets and business
  • Shape the future: create new markets and standards


The 7 Step Approach

Based on our long experience in the field, we have created this scenario-based method. Drawing from the operational capabilities of INVENSITY, the method enforces strategic clarity within your organisation by addressing your key uncertainties, their impact on your organisation, your response options and priorities, and ensuring the transfer into action.


We engage your organisation in our process, which is systematic and collaborative. We draw on your internal insights, and give your organisation hands-on experience in using our foresight methods.

The sprint-based format can be conducted in a few days using workshops and interviews with key internal stakeholders. We facilitate the entire process for you, and document the outcome in a PowerPoint-based report. You also receive templates to re-use this methodology independently in the future.

If a more in-depth and rigorous analysis is required, activities in the sprint format can be supplemented with pre-defined scenarios and other research - building on Rohrbeck Heger’s in-house expertise, including our internal trend radar and foresight scanning methodology.



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