Rohrbeck Heger GmbH

Training for the future

Train your people to innovate and drive the future

Education and scientific work is an integral part of our work and consulting approach. Our educational activities are not limited to teaching at university courses but include professional and corporate education as well.

In our courses and sessions in master and MBA courses at universities, certificate programs, masterclasses and corporate training programs you will benefit from experienced trainers and the continuous development of foresight related methodologies - in theory and practice. Our trainers are experts and consultants in selected fields and have multiple years experience from real-world projects.

The basis of our offerings is continuous knowledge and competence development on multiple levels. Through cross-industry projects and our regular internal reflection and training sessions our trainers' knowledge base grows continuously. Our collection of best practices and benchmarking data enables them to translate their personal experience into professional trainings with clear learning targets and re-usable insights, material and templates.

Selected offerings