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  • Our mission is to drive your long-term success

Who we are

We are strategic foresight and innovation consultants, motivated by a passion to drive change and future preparedness.

We bring together diverse backgrounds, skillsets, and experience to advise you on foresight for strategy, innovation, and new business development.

We work with you, using our renowned collaborative, systematic and methodical strategic foresight approach. We help you to:

  • Identify new innovation search fields and opportunities
  • Build a future vision and define a robust, future-proof strategy
  • Increase organizational agility and your ability to anticipate and act on change

Contact any one of our dedicated team members to discuss how we can work together to strengthen your foresight.

Dr. Tobias Heger Founding & Managing Partner
Dr. Tobias Heger
Founding & Managing Partner DE, EN

Tobias is the founding and managing partner of Rohrbeck Heger and has a background in foresight, innovation management, and strategy. He continuously advises clients such as Bosch, Deutsche Telekom, Hyundai, LG, Mondelez, Siemens, Tata Group, Webasto, and many more. Futurist by heart, he engages in building up new companies in addition to his day-to-day job.

Before founding Rohrbeck Heger, Tobias was Head of Innovation at EIT Digital Germany, a PPP focusing on strengthening European competitiveness in the digital domain. During this period he has worked with clients from multiple industries with a focus on the future perspective, digital businesses, and the application areas of information technology.

Parallel to consulting, Tobias is also an active researcher, lecturer, and business angel. His research has been published in leading international journals and on conferences such as Technological Forecasting and Social Change, Futures, ISPIM and the R&D Management Conference. Through his investment company Tobias advises founders, with a particular focus on IT, logistics, and mobility.

Dr. Alejandro Berbesi Senior Consultant
Dr. Alejandro Berbesi
Senior Consultant DE, EN, ES, NO
Dr. Alejandro Berbesi is a Senior Consultant at Rohrbeck Heger. He holds a Ph.D. in Natural Sciences from the Technische Universität Berlin and has over eight years of industry experience. Before joining Rohrbeck Heger, Alejandro worked in the Energy sector (Equinor, Norway), where he started as a Geologist and later developed across a wide diversity of roles, including Project Management and Consultancy within the areas of Strategy and Innovation, as well as Portfolio Analysis. The variety of his previous academic and professional experiences shaped his passion for holistic problem solving; particularly when applied to scenario thinking and strategy development.
Maren Lesche Senior Consultant
Maren Lesche
Senior Consultant DE, EN

Maren is a communicator and connector by heart. She is fascinated by new and innovative startup ideas and happy to support entrepreneurs in growing their business. She is a moderator, speaker, mentor and match-maker.

Maren is the founder of Startup Colors, which is a young company powered by a small group of startup experts offering Innovation Tours, Startup Consulting, Event Management & Matchmaking as well as PR-services. 

Chris de la Cerda Foresight Consultant
Chris de la Cerda
Foresight Consultant DE, EN

Chris de la Cerda is Consultant at Rohrbeck Heger. He holds a master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from Technische Universitaet Berlin, an MBA from Henley’s Business School, and a Master’s degree in Futures Studies from Freie Universitaet Berlin. At Rohrbeck Heger, Chris focuses on scenario development and foresight-based innovation. He is also involved with innovation and technology radars. Chris is passionate about business having to start managing its future proactively.

Chris's background is in competitive intelligence and strategic procurement. Before joining Rohrbeck Heger, Chris worked as manager and advisor with Royal Dutch Shell and Total in Germany, The Netherlands, the UK, and the UAE. Amongst other things, Chris led Shell’s global market intelligence team and built up a community of Competitive Intelligence Professionals. He advised on strategic procurement decisions and was responsible for Shell’s international HR procurement activities.

Sakshi Pashankar Junior Analyst
Sakshi Pashankar
Junior Analyst DE, EN
Sakshi is currently in her first year of Master’s in Management, specializing in Global & Digital Strategy at ESMT Berlin. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and has professional experience in strategic projects. She brings her analytical approach and a keen interest in foresight as our junior analyst.
Prof. Dr. René Rohrbeck Founding Partner
Prof. Dr. René Rohrbeck
Founding Partner EN, FR, DE, ES, DA

René Rohrbeck is Professor of Strategy and director of the chair for Foresight, Innovation and Transformation at the EDHEC Business School, France
Before joining Aarhus University, he spent 6 years in the industry where he worked on innovation management at Volkswagen and on corporate foresight at Deutsche Telekom.

As a consultant he has served clients on a number of topics including designing innovation management systems, developing and implementing corporate foresight practices, and strategic and financial planning of new business fields.

He has worked both as a consultant and manager for companies from a wide range of industries, including automobile, oil & gas, pulp & paper, information & communication technologies (ICT) and energy.

He has authored the book “Corporate foresight – Towards a Maturity Model for the Future Orientation of a Firm”, in which he develops a benchmarking framework for assessing future orientation and describes best practices in corporate foresight.

His research has also been published in leading international journals such as Technological Forecasting & Social Change, Technology Analysis & Strategic Management, R&D Management and Global Business and Organizational Excellence.

Erik Neumann Senior Associate
Erik Neumann
Senior Associate DE, EN
Erik is a management professional with 15+ years of experience in managing innovation and foresight projects and companies. Certified by PMI and, he led various large-scale industry-university collaborations as well as lean consulting projects, providing him with insights into industry R&D, startup building and university research. Building on this experience in working with technology, HR and strategy experts and executives, Erik seeks to take a holistic view on clients’ challenges to deliver on-point results in time, scope and budget.
Dominik Krabbe Senior Consultant
Dominik Krabbe
Senior Consultant DE, EN, FR
Dominik is our innovation consultant, design thinking coach and workshop facilitator with over 8 years professional experience in international open innovation, digital transformation, strategy and startup projects. Media scientist and design thinker by training, Dominik builds on his long experience in innovation consulting, user research, foresight and facilitation to make sure customers and employees experiences are aligned with a company’s true values.
Frank van Doesum Foresight Consultant
Frank van Doesum
Foresight Consultant EN, NL
Frank is a Foresight Consultant with a passion for bringing foresight and customer-centric innovation together. He finished his master Industrial Design Engineering at the TU Delft (Netherlands) in 2020. Frank loves to combine his practical and entrepreneurial sides to drive future innovation. This is a talent he has put to use at several technology startups and SMEs, where Frank has led product development and market entry activities.
Charlotte Hollensteiner Marketing Assistant
Charlotte Hollensteiner
Marketing Assistant DE, EN, FR
Charlotte is currently in her third year of the double degree master's program between the ESCE International Business School in Paris and HWR in Berlin. As our working student, she will support us in various projects using her analytical and inquisitive nature. Her passion for strategic thinking and optimization as well as sustainability drives her to push the boundaries of what is possible and continuously challenge herself and others. Furthermore, her professional experience in international and fast-growing environments has helped her develop a deep understanding of the importance of tapping into future trends.
Dr. Sebastian Knab Manager
Dr. Sebastian Knab
Manager DE, EN, FR

Dr. Sebastian Knab is a manager at Rohrbeck Heger GmbH. He holds a master's degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from Technische Universität Berlin and a Ph.D. from Universität Hamburg.
Before, Sebastian was a project manager for innovation management at the EICT, Berlin, and a research assistant at Technische Universität Berlin, Chair of Sustainable Electric Networks and Sources of Energy (SENSE) and Universität Hamburg, Department of Socioeconomics. At the EICT, he established the energy business group and conducted projects on business modeling, innovation planning and strategic foresight. Furthermore, he established and co-led EIT Digital's smart energy systems and business modeling activities.

Sebastian has worked for the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW) in the Department of Energy, Transportation and Environment and for Prognos AG in the area of Energy Economics and Policy. He has also gained industry experience at Total SA, France, Elektral A.Ş, Turkey, Daimler AG and Aurubis AG, both Germany.

Emily Phillips Communications Lead
Emily Phillips
Communications Lead EN, DE
Emily Phillips is a creative communications and marketing strategist, passionate about content innovation and connecting people and products. She has broad experience building Berlin-based e-learning and healthcare startups, including five years at Blinkist as part of its marketing team. Before that, she worked at Readmill (acquired by Dropbox in 2014), and most recently was part of the inaugural cohort of healthcare entrepreneurs at Vision Health Pioneers. Before her time at early- to mid-stage startups, Emily managed programs at Atlantik-Brücke, a private, non-profit association to promote transatlantic relations. Emily received her B.A. magna cum laude from Bryn Mawr College (USA) and was a Fulbright Scholar to Germany in 2009/10.
Dr. Bram Roosens Foresight Consultant
Dr. Bram Roosens
Foresight Consultant NL, EN, FR
Bram is driven by challenges, especially if they include exploring and shaping the future. He holds a PhD in Innovation Management from the University of Antwerp, and has taught at various universities around Europe. He combines this teaching experience with a passion for foresight to deliver impactful and interactive (e-)trainings, and with his expertise on multi-stakeholder networks for innovation to help clients with foresight in a network economy.
Julia Schmidt Foresight Consultant
Julia Schmidt
Foresight Consultant DE, EN
Julia is driven by the question of how to improve the future preparedness of organizations and derive resilient strategies by identifying, understanding, and embracing complex business problems, future change, and uncertainty. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Corporate Management and Economics from Zeppelin University, where she was taught to think in an interdisciplinary, critical, and abstract manner. During her studies, she focused on strategic and innovation management and composed her Bachelor Thesis on identifying relevant stakeholders that are to be included in the scenario processes to prepare the development of robust strategic options.

Before joining Rohrbeck Heger as a Foresight Consultant, Julia pursued her enthusiasm for strategic challenges and future implications during various internships at management and strategy consultancies such as BCG and KPMG, as well as at the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies, where she gained relevant experience in consulting, research, and strategic thinking.

Fabian Klemm Junior Consultant
Fabian Klemm
Junior Consultant DE, EN, FR
Fabian is currently finishing his bachelor’s degree in International Finance. Contrary to many of his fellow students, he is not only interested in the short-term stock price but has developed a strong passion for thinking creatively about different market scenarios which might influence a company. He is convinced that future trends are critical for long-term success and supports us in identifying them.
Ulrike Hempel Team Assistant
Ulrike Hempel
Team Assistant DE, EN
Ulrike is our team assistant supporting with HR, accounting, marketing and communications. She holds a master’s degree in applied linguistics from University of Potsdam, and a bachelor’s degree in research-based linguistics from UCL, London. She previously worked for Ericsson and in various language services. What she loves about engaging with the future and Foresight at Rohrbeck Heger is that it helps to align one's values with vision, and ultimately make the right decisions that allow you to step into your desired future.
Elvin Ibishli Senior Analyst
Elvin Ibishli
Senior Analyst EN
Elvin Ibishli is a Senior Analyst at Rohrbeck Heger. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science with Business and Management and a master’s degree in Digital Marketing at the University of Manchester. His expertise lies in market analysis and business intelligence, data mining and software development, trend analysis methods and tools, scenario-based strategizing and innovation and technology radars. Prior to joining Rohrbeck Heger, Elvin was engaged with market research and strategy development in the UK.
Melanie Arz Senior Consultant
Melanie Arz
Senior Consultant DE, EN
Melanie is our multi-talented scenario expert, design thinker and creative futurist. She is by training a social scientist, holding a bachelor’s degree in Media Economics form Media University Stuttgart, as well as a master’s degree in Communication Science from University of Hohenheim. Additionally, she studied Trendwatching at the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam and is a graduate of the HPI School of Design Thinking in Potsdam.

Before joining Rohrbeck Heger, Melanie was as a researcher at Fraunhofer Center for Responsible Research and Innovation (CeRRI), working at the intersection of design and social science and conducting research concerning innovation ecosystems. She also worked as strategic designer and innovation coach facilitating design thinking workshops for start-ups and the old economy mainly in the areas of health and mobility. Prior to that she gathered experience amongst others at Volkswagen AG at the trend research department, GfK SE conducting insights research and at the Garage at Deloitte Consulting.
Ben V Butler Senior Editor
Ben V Butler
Senior Editor EN
Ben is a Senior Editor who has published books, magazines, websites and videos that showcase thought leadership across varying industries. Whether interviewing senior players on stage at large conferences or hosting think tank discussions that highlight ways to move things forward, Ben acts as a storyteller who puts the audience first. He combines his research skills gained from a BA in History with writing ability crafted from over a decade of marketing and communication experience.
Prof. Dr. Magnus Boman Prof. of ISS | Associate Partner
Prof. Dr. Magnus Boman
Prof. of ISS | Associate Partner SE, EN

Magnus Boman is the Professor of Intelligent Software Services at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm

Magnus shares his academic working time between KTH and RISE SICS AB, a research institute, where he builds learning machines, mainly for improving population health, in the Decisions, Networks, and Analytics lab and assists the CEO in strategy matters. At the institute, he led a foresighting unit for the European Commission 2011-15 where he cooperated with innovation managers and strategists at some of the largest European companies involved with IT.

Magnus' recent projects include artificial neural networks for understanding emotional expressions in the human face and smart flags for patients in psychological treatment.

For most of the 1980s, Magnus worked for Sweden’s largest institute for payment services, including a position in back-office currency exchange where he programmed a prediction system for long-term currency contracts. He co-founded a startup selling decision analysis software and strategic advice in 1991. He later applied his knowledge in these areas to insurance and reinsurance for natural disaster and nuclear waste management, and he is an alumnus of IIASA where some of this work was completed. In the early 2000s, he led a 3-year academic project on Algo trading and autonomous agent trading in cooperation with OMX. Subsequently, he led a 3-year industrial project on future operating systems for mobile phones for TeliaSonera.

Magnus has co-authored several books, including Conceptual Modelling (Prentice-Hall 1997). His Ph.D. thesis was on federated information systems and intelligent databases. He has published 100+ papers on medicine, management, mathematics, physics, and computer science.