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Our first CD BER ESG Report: Bridging Sustainability, Foresight and Innovation

We’re proud to announce the publication of our parent company, Creative Dock’s, first Sustainability Report. This document underscores our commitment to embedding Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles deeply within our operational framework.

The spirit of our team, partners, and the communities we engage with has been nothing short of inspirational over the past year. Their collective efforts have propelled us to new heights, significantly enhancing our ESG performance whilst harnessing the potential of AI.

Gabriela Teissing – CEO, Creative Dock

Our three pillars:

Our activities at Creative Dock Berlin are built on three main pillars:

  • Implementation: applied foresight for growth, innovation, strategy, and organizational change
  • Research: scientific research and theory building to further the field, and improve the understanding of foresight and its effects
  • Education: university and executive education; talks and keynotes to increase awareness, knowledge, and application of foresight practices

In this report, you will find information on our environmental, social, and economic impacts throughout 2023. It includes details of our efforts in areas such as reducing carbon emissions, ensuring fair labor practices, focusing on training and development, and promoting sustainable business practices throughout the organization.

By leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), we aim to spearhead sustainable growth and innovation using strategic foresight in the venture building landscape.

Through this report you can get insights into:

  • Creative Dock BER Values and Purpose
  • Our materiality assessment
  • Key Commitments at CDG
  • Our key performance indicators for 2023
  • Planned implementation process for 2024
  • Internal and external sustainability efforts

Download our entire report to read more.

Written by Bhavana Sawant


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