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Foresight-Driven Innovation Webinar

In today’s fast paced environment, it becomes harder and harder to foresee future developments and the potential for long term success of new products and services. Traditional planning and innovation methods are reaching their limits with increasing uncertainty. Additionally, user’s needs and demands are increasingly driving product and service design, as the rise of methods like Design Thinking, Lean Startup and Agile Development show.

In a recent webinar Tobias Heger and Dominik Krabbe talked about our Foresight-Driven Innovation approach that brings together Foresight Methodologies with Design Thinking and Agile Product Development. 

The approach is designed to identify relevant trends and drivers of change, to develop alternative future scenarios and to identify and implement business opportunities tackling future users’ needs.

A detailed description of the approach can be found in Tobias’ article from earlier in the year. We will update our Foresight-Driven Innovation Masterclass website with new dates soon. 


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