Rohrbeck Heger GmbH

2030 Scenarios: The Impact of Climate Change on Logistics & Supply Chain

Be inspired by our first collaborative foresight-driven innovation session in 2021 as part of the #RHFutureAtelier series - with a focus on Logistics and Supply Chain.

We built scenarios for 2030 to understand the potential impact of climate change - and using these scenarios to identify the key levers of innovation today.

This session provided our participants with a 'sneak-peek' of Rohrbeck Heger's collaborative foresight method, and an opportunity to gain insights from a diverse range of participants - all of which could be used to inform and drive their strategy & innovation activities.

In this collaborative online session, with our participants, we identified the biggest innovation opportunities within Supply Chain and Logistics by

  • Anticipating four future scenarios
  • Derived the impact on logistics and supply chains
  • Uncovered and prioritized innovation opportunities
  • Exchanged insights on the future of logistics & supply chain