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  • Identify and market future opportunities

Foresight Communication Sprint

How values are being updated and what you can do to use clever communication to take advantage of opportunities that would otherwise represent a business risk.

A format in cooperation of Rohrbeck Heger and Krabbe & Rieber.


What to do when values and markets change? 

Social, technological and economic upheavals involve a rapid change in values.  As a result, services and products, as well as the associated business models and messages, are rapidly losing their effectiveness. Sometimes, as is currently the case with the COVID19 crisis, drastic changes in elementary business areas can occur even at short notice.

Yet, these changes also bring about opportunities that could be seized.


Identifying risks and opportunities

We help our customers to evaluate the future. With our help, you will recognize the effects of possible future scenarios on the success of your company.

Consequently, it is possible to derive the most effective measures for adapting your value proposition, business model and communication with your target group at an early stage. Through the interplay of strategic foresight, business and communication consulting, we offer our clients guidance in uncertain times. What's more, the Foresight Communication Sprint enables you to construct extraordinary, superior offers.


Fast Forward: From uncertainty to competitive advantage within a week.

The Foresight Communication Sprint covers:

  • Measures to deal with short- and medium-term crises
  • Analysis of the existing value proposition, business model and ecosystem
  • Presentation of possible future scenarios and their consequences for the own organisation
  • Identifying and successfully seizing opportunities
  • Value-based adaptation of business model, sales and offer 
  • Proposal of new marketing and positioning measures


The Foresight Communication Sprint is designed to produce valuable results in the most cost-effective way possible. We are happy to adapt the process, scope and content to your needs. For example, it is also possible to provide long-term support for your company in the areas of strategy development and communication. Please contact us for an individual offer. 


Get in touch!

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About Krabbe & Rieber

Krabbe & Rieber is a Berlin agency for communication and strategy consulting.

They support companies in developing the right positioning for tomorrow today. Krabbe & Rieber's efforts focus on the question of what tomorrow will bring - and what we can do today to prepare for it. 

Krabbe & Rieber are convinced that successful communication is the key to achieving any goal. Companies, organisations and individuals will only be successful to the extent that they are able to align their positioning and marketing with the values of their target group.

The combination of foresight, user-centred research methods (e.g. user research, qualitative user surveys, personas, etc.) and knowledge from the fields of brand, public relations and marketing enable them to predict the development of values in relation to specific offers, target groups and ideas.

Based on this knowledge, they are able to design sustainable, valuable ideas, offers, claims and messages together with their clients.