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What’s next when it comes to leveraging foresight?

Can AI help predict the future?

Part V: What’s next when it comes to leveraging foresight?

Dr. Frank Ruff, Senior Manager of PIONEERING NeXt, Daimler AG raised the quintessential question of “What’s next when it comes to leveraging foresight, collaborative innovation and customer insights in an integrated corporate ecosystem.”

His talk focused on the organisational adoption of AI and how the future needs to look at history to make any predictions when it comes to technology. He spoke about what led to the evolution of corporate innovation ecosystems. “In the 1950s, the technology push happened through isolated research of R&D where researchers focused on first Innovating and then later commercialising.

In the early 2000s till 2010, it was overtaken by the umbrella of open innovation which includes design thinking, startup mentality, MVP, increased focus on networks. And the future lies in crowdsourcing and AI through integrated innovation system, big data, and deep learning,” he summarized.

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