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Welcome to our blog!
What can we do today to build a superior position in the world of tomorrow?
This question drives us as for many organizations the answer to this question is ‘the same thing we did yesterday’.
These organizations continue to forecast based on historical data. They are powerlessly dependent on the insight of a visionary and they attempt to predict definite outcomes to an unknown future.
At Rohrbeck Heger, we believe that this answer is grossly insufficient. The world is changing rapidly, and organizations must be aware of what the future may bring – and prepare for it.
We are Strategic Foresight and innovation consultants with the drive to prepare our clients for the future. Our mission is to improve every firm and organization’s degree of ‘Future Preparedness’ to ensure their long-term survival in times of disruption and change. We support our clients in achieving this by helping them to identify and grasp new opportunities and to systematically improve their Strategic Foresight capabilities.
Strategic Foresight is the capability to identify, process and understand upcoming change and leverage these insights for strategic action such as initiating innovation initiatives or building up business in new fields. It is a systematic approach to achieving Future Preparedness, which delivers profitable growth and increase market value to firms and fuels prospective innovation ecosystems for regions or countries.
Strategic Foresight has evolved from being a set of singular methods to become a key organizational capability and a relevant contributor to the long-term strategy of organizations. We support our clients by implementing, assessing and subsequently upgrading their Strategic Foresight tools, processes and supporting organization.
In our blog we will share the latest developments and insights on foresight methods, we will discuss hot-topics from various industries and the impact they might have and thoughts on all sorts of foresight-related topics including tips and tricks.
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