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NEWS: Rohrbeck Heger Joins Creative Dock Group

New Year, exiting news from the team at Rohrbeck Heger: as of late December 2021, we’ve joined the Creative Dock Group.

Becoming a part of Creative Dock unlocks thrilling prospects for our company and clients: first and foremost, we’ll now be able to not only identify new markets and innovation opportunities via strategic foresight methodology, but also build new products, seeing our future-proof strategies implemented and brought to life. As co-founder René Rohrbeck said recently, “Our job is only done once analytics are followed by action from the client – investing into new growth fields (and) building new businesses.” Merging forces with Creative Dock will enable us to empower our clients do exactly that.

Founded 9 years ago in Prague, Creative Dock is Europe’s largest independent corporate venture/company builder. With a mission to make Europe a global digital leader, the company has already built and scaled ventures for more than 50 multinational companies, including businesses and products for its European clients in Asia, the US, and Australia.

Rohrbeck Heger joining forces with Creative Dock Group means that the group will be able to expand and enrich its service offerings. Our expertise in Strategic Foresight will further strengthen Creative Dock’s established success in building new businesses. Together, we will engage with clients in long-term, strategic dialogues to build businesses that will last, taking the opportunities we uncover from foresight work all the way to market.

Rohrbeck Heger’s mission has always been to turn future uncertainties into opportunities for our clients. Up until now, our services stopped once we’d identified said opportunities with clients. Now we will take our work a step further, turning visions to reality.

As the post-acquisition integration process between Rohrbeck Heger and Creative Dock progresses, we’ll be sure to keep you up-to-date on its biggest developments. One thing’s for sure, now, though: the future’s looking very bright from where we’re standing! Thank you for being a part of our journey so far.

Tobias Heger


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