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Masterclass Foresight-Driven Innovation: Mobility, Energy, Healthcare, Production

In today’s fast paced environment, it becomes harder and harder to foresee future developments and the potential for long term success of new products and services. Traditional planning and innovation methods are reaching their limits with increasing uncertainty. Additionally, user’s needs and demands are increasingly driving product and service design, as the rise of methods like Design Thinking, Lean Startup and Agile Development show.

Rohrbeck Heger’s “Foresight-Driven Innovation” masterclass is designed to provide professionals a deep dive into the methods and tools that can be used to identify relevant trends and drivers of change, to develop alternative future scenarios and to identify business opportunities tackling future users’ needs.

Who should attend?

Executives and managers at middle- or senior-management level who are involved in innovation, strategic decision-making as well as product development, focusing on helping their organizations stay competitive in the future.

Key take-aways

  • Method knowledge: Foresight, scenario development, creativity methods, ideation techniques, business modeling 
  • Visualized future scenarios and business opportunities to explore further
  • Set of theme-specific trend cards
  • Deep dive into the focal topic
  • Networking with other professionals in an interactive and interdisciplinary setting
  • „Cheat sheet“ for the future

Program Agenda

Day 1

  • Orient to the future: Trends, drivers, impact-uncertainty-analysis and projections
  • Design the future: Future scenario development

Day 2

  • Personalize the future: Personas, scenario storyline & visualisation
  • Innovate the future: Scenario evaluation, future business ideation, business modeling

Dates and themes

In order to increase both depth of the program and relevance of the results, we are offering the masterclass with varying thematic focus areas. This will not only help to bring together people with a common thematic interest, but also enable the participants to generate relevant results they can take back to their respective organizations and explore further.

Upcoming dates and themes:

  • April 22-23: The Future of Sustainable Mobility*
  • May 6-7: The Future of Energy*
  • May 13-14: The Future of Healthcare*
  • May 27-28: The Future of Intelligent Production* 

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