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Making the most of online meetings

I think by now we can all agree – digital meetings don’t compare to in-person meetings.

Why? Well, a screen and a headset are no substitute for your eyes and ears.
You lack the visual cues like eye contact and body language.
There’s a time lag and distortion on audio and video.

Still, it’s possible to have really good online meetings.

At Rohrbeck Heger, we have a protocol that makes our online meetings run smoother.  
Here are some of our top tips:



  • Set ground rules for silence
    Agree that if no-one vocally disagrees, it is presumed that all agree.
  • Clearly indicate when you are done speaking
    For example “I am done”, “That’s it” or the classic from the movies: “Over.”
  • Say “This is <Name>” to indicate that you want to speak
    Whoever states their name first gets to speak first, and others must yield. However, the moderator can then ensure that everyone who indicated gets to speak.
  • Use the ‘round robin’ to ensure everyone speaks
    Particularly valuable if input is required from everyone on an issue. Here, the moderator should call on each person in turn to speak.
  • Set aside more time for discussions
    Online discussions simply take more time, due to its asynchronous nature. It also takes more time to facilitate and make sure everyone is following.


Of course, all the usual advice for good meeting practices and etiquette still apply.

If you already do these things – great, you’re a pro! If not, we hope you found it useful.

Download your own coppy of this briefing here: A Guide to Digital Meetings


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