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CASE STUDY: The Future of Supply Chains in the Intralogistics Industry

How our foresight-driven innovation approach helped match an Intralogistics company’s supply chain sustainability goals to meet their strategic decisions

Manoeuvring a dynamic business ecosystem can seem quite challenging, especially if you’re referring to the Supply Chains business. Our experts in the field of foresight, strategy, innovation and sustainability sat together with one of the multinational manufacturers of materials handling equipment within the Intralogistics industry to discuss the Future of Supply Chains.

We supported our client to drive innovation within their organization and identify future opportunities using our proven foresight-driven innovation approach.

In this case study, you can expect to find:

  1. The challenge posed to us
  2. The key objective of our project
  3. Our foresight-driven innovation approach
  4. Impact of the project including final results


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