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CASE STUDY: Redesigning the future of travel with Amadeus

Delve into our foresight-driven approach of exploring the Future of Travel 2030, with new, beyond-the-core business opportunities for Amadeus – the leading global travel technology company, and Nexwave, their business incubation unit.

With uncertainties constantly affecting the way we travel, we believe innovation is the way forward. Our team of expert consultants in the fields of innovation, foresight, and strategy, set out to work in open collaboration with experts from Amadeus Nexwave to explore trends-led business opportunities for the Future of Travel toward 2030.

Ever wondered what our foresight-driven innovation process looks like at Rohrbeck Heger? This case study will help you get a clear understanding of how industry experts and our experienced consultants worked together in proximity to achieve better travel for everyone, everywhere.

Here, you can expect to find:

  1. The challenge posed to us
  2. The key objective of our project
  3. Our approach, using foresight tools and proven strategies
  4. Impact of the project including final results

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