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  • Clients & Cases


Maturity Assessment and Foresight Training

  • Corporate Foresight Benchmarking of Bosch Mobility Solutions
  • Identification of key recommendations to increase Bosch BMS’ future preparedness
  • Development and quarterly execution of Corporate Foresight Fundamentals Training as part of the global Bosch Training program

Foresight Advisory

Executive Training 

  • Lectures on Corporate Foresight and Organizational Future Orientation as part of the KTH Executive Program
  • Backcasting Workshop on the future of Financial Services

Executive Foresight Training

Senior Management Workshop

  • Capability Assessment
  • Identification of key gaps and development of key strategic action lines for building up Strategic Foresight capabilities

Foresight-based Technology Management

  • Annual Guest Lecture in Foresight-Driven Technology Management

Maturity Assessment, Foresight Team, Innov. Radar

  • Future Preparedness Benchmarking and development of action plan
  • Build-up and integration of internal market and technology team
  • Concept development and implementation of three-sided Innovation Radar

Foresight Capability Development

Foresight Capability Advisory

  • Maturity Assessment
  • Peer Benchmarking
  • Best Practices

CxO Workshops, Capability Assessment & Audit

  • Introduction of audit to benchmark foresight capabilities across Tata Group
  • Hosting of a series of CxO Workshops for discussing benchmarking results and the need to improve foresight capabilities
  • Development of key strategic steps with CxOs for enhancing foresight capabilities

Foresight Symposium

Executive Training: Corporate Foresight

  • Development of 5-day Corporate Foresight Executive Education training
  • Biannual execution of training

Scenario-driven Strategy

    Identifying Impact Pathways for Sustainable Urban Logistics & Food Supply Chain in 2030

Networked Foresight Platform

  • Conceptualization, implementation and introduction of a dynamic networked foresight platform to share, assess and prioritize future growth fields for GSMA member organizations
  • Identification and assessment of key trends in key future themes of the mobile industry

Strategic Foresight Capability Development

  • Build up of Strategic Foresight CoE
  • Implementation of Strategic Foresight best practices
  • Development of global Foresight community
  • Roll-out of Strategic Foresight training curriculum

AI Tech Foresight Summits

  • Technology-enabled Foresight
  • AI for Decision-making
  • Latest trends & techniques in foresight

Innovation & Technology

Foresight Capability Building & Portfolio Review

  • Design and execution of a foresight capability building workshop
  • Development of novel approach to increase absorptive capacity for input from academic board
  • Review and alignment of R&D portfolio

Trend Evaluation & Product Concept

  • Identification of trends in the smart home market
  • Definition of a hybrid product concept that includes products and service components
  • Definition of key functions
  • Benchmarking of key suppliers

Opportunity Radar

  • Concept development of Opportunity Radar for new growth field
  • Editorial for opportunity summaries
  • Moderation of key workshops

Smart Factory Benchmarking

  • Development of Maturity Model for Digital Factories (solution and customer side) with 300+ items
  • Large scale study with more than 150 participating companies
  • Development and application of new assessment methodology for prioritizing investment possibilities

Snapshot of the Future: Professional Life

  • Trend scanning, analysis and interpretation
  • Snapshot of the future report about professional work life in 4 different countries

Innovation Radar & 360° Scan

  • Development and introduction of Innovation Radar to strategically align R&D portfolio with growth markets
  • 360° trend scanning in the client's core market

Foresight-Driven Innovation Portfolio

Foresight-Driven Innovation

Technology Radar

    • Machine Vision Technology Radar


    Technology ScoutingFramework, Process, Governance

Capability Assessment

  • Assessment of existing innovation management methods and capabilities
  • Concept development for integrating corporate foresight processes into innovation management landscape
  • Joint assessment of potential tool support

Scenario-based Technology Scan

    • Mobility Scenarios 2025


    Technology Scan and Evaluation

Opportunity Radar 

  • Development of Opportunity Radar for exploring new business field, prioritization of new growth opportunities
  • 360° scan and assessment in field Indoor Air Quality
  • Facilitation of progress and preparation for continuous deployment

Technology Intelligence Governance & Tool

  • Build-up and synchronizing technology intelligence capabilities across the TOTAL group
  • Benchmarking and recommendation of supportive software tools
  • 360° scan in selected theme on BU level
  • Startup exploration tour in Berlin

Opportunity Radar

  • Development of opportunity radar for aligning central R&D with Business Units and for identifying key growth opportunities
  • 360° scan and assessment of opportunities in fields waste, water, energy and digital
  • Development of assessment workshop series & interviews with senior management

Technology Radar

Innovation Strategy & Portfolio

    • Development of Corporate Innovation Strategy Framework


    Review and Validation of Innovation Portfolio

Collaborative Business Modelling

  • Identification of new business opportunities at the intersection of the energy and telecommunication industry
  • Development of business models for most promising opportunities
  • Launch of several innovation initiatives

Prospective Innovation, Radar & Roadmapping

  • Definition and piloting of prospective innovation processes in German factory
  • Build-up of innovation radar to identify, filter, interpret and assess market trends and future technologies fueling long-term and annual planning cycles
  • Megatrend Workshop for Marine Industry

Innovation Radar

  • Development of an Innovation Radar for scanning trends and innovation around energy, climate change and sustainable urban areas
  • Special attention put on partner involvement and engagement
  • Identification and analysis of uncertainties and future priorities

Foresight-Driven Innovation

  • 2030 Scenarios
  • Foresight-Driven Innovation

Technology Radar

Corporate Venturing


Strategy Process

  • Development of lean and adaptable strategy process with situation-dependent method selection
  • Piloting of process for selected cases

Venturing Strategy

Strategy Development

  • Foresight-driven Strategic Planning
  • Business Modelling and Opportunity Evaluation

Scenario-based Business Modelling

Scenario-based Strategizing

  • 2030 Digitalization Strategy

Global Trend Framework

    • Trend Framework


    Scenario DevelopmentVision 2030Scenario-based Strategizing

Scenario-Based Strategizing

    • 6-week Scenario Sprint


    Future of Media

Foresight Benchmarking, Scenario-Based Strategizing

  • Benchmarking of future preparedness on firm level and business line level
  • Identification of key gaps and actions for building up Strategic Foresight capabilities
  • Business field exploration in selected field incl. 360° scan, scenario analysis, backcasting, strategic option development

Scenario-driven Strategy Development