Rohrbeck Heger GmbH


    Understand change - gain agility - prepare for action

Strategic foresight + innovation management

We help organizations to become future-prepared, to mitigate threats and grasp emerging opportunities, and to create a prosperous future.

Rohrbeck Heger GmbH was founded in 2014 by René Rohrbeck and Tobias Heger after years of continuous scientific and practical work in strategy, innovation, and foresight. The founders’ ambition was to form the leading strategic foresight and innovation management consultancy. Our activities are build on three pillars:

  1. Consulting: applied foresight for growth, innovation, strategy, and organizational change
  2. Research: scientific research and theory building to further the field and improve the understanding of foresight and its effects
  3. Education: university and executive education, talks and keynotes to increase awareness, knowledge and application of foresight practices

Our mission is to increase firms' chances of long-term success and enhance firms' sustainable competitiveness. To achieve that, we support our clients in building and leveraging strategic foresight capabilities to create value-creating opportunities. With our clients we:

  • Identify emerging growth opportunities
  • Refocus R&D spending towards high-margin innovations
  • Develop processes to trigger and fuel new innovation initiatives
  • Create future-oriented strategies

Let's talk about your company's future.

How we work

We operate according to six core values.

We develop services that allow us to systematically improve the future fitness of any organization. Rohrbeck Heger uses scientifically proven models to benchmark your organization to industry standards and create tailor-made solutions for you. In order to keep our clients at the competitive edge we consistently update our expertise through close interaction with practitioners and academic partners.