• Scouting for Trends, Technologies, Start-ups & Competitors

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Scouting for Trends and Technologies

Identifying Market Trends, Technologies and Start-ups as well as complementing information to the existing innovation portfolio

Most industries are facing an increased innovative pressure - within existing product categories through incremental innovation and through radical and disruptive innovation threatening existing, profitable business. Scanning and scouting for market trends, technological developments and new or rapidly growing competitors is key for being able to act upon change.

We provide input to our client's Front-End Innovation activities and are able to integrate this input into new or existing innovation processes. To provide comprehensive insights and an overview of key topics that allow our customers to prepare for the future, we use the latest analysis tools. innovation databases and work closely together with domain-specific experts and scouts from around the world. Together with them we offer everything from trend, technology, startup and media snippets to full-blown studies and books. Clients may receive interpreted cross-industry information evaluated by criteria provided beforehand, tailored reports covering the latest trends, technologies and ventures in a pre-defined domain or input to existing corporate trend tools in any format that is required.


What are we scanning and scouting for?

  • Trends: latest market trends, real-world inspirations provided by scouts, media snippets, trending topics from social media ... whatever is out there and can be found
  • Technologies: patents and publications, technology landscapes and clusters, dynamics and cooperations, experts and market players' expertise, regional clusters and potential technology partners
  • Competitors & business models: incumbents, established and rising industry players, company data, formal relationships, M&A activities and patent, product and technology portfolios
  • New ventures / startups: names, founders, backers and early stage investors, funding and valuation, location, products and services, social media data, industry, activity and target customers


How do we deliver?

We provide what the client needs and in any format that is necessary or required from the client. This can range from a broad set of all environmental data of an industry to a very specific set of just 10 startups out of thousands based on pre-defined criteria. Commonly, one of the following formats is asked for:

  • Cards or snippets
  • Profiles, onepagers
  • Presentations & keynotes
  • Reports
  • Books
  • Interactive books (apps)
  • Trend sessions & innovation days


What to do when the insights are there?

We know that having scouted for and found market, technology and competitive data is only the first step. We help our clients with handling the enormous amount of data by screening, filtering and organizing the information in a way that allows the client to initiate targeted and suitable follow-on activities no matter which department we are talking to - be it the CEO or CSO, strategy departments, corporate venture capital departments or corporate incubators, innovation management units, corporate R&D units or anyone else in the company.

In the end we help our clients to innovate in their current business fields to remain at the competitive edge and aim at enabling them to enter new markets. For this we help with

  • filling the innovation pipeline with adequate input
  • identifying market trends, technologies and startups that match or complement the portfolio
  • identifying complementing information to the existing innovation portfolio
  • optimizing evaluation criteria and systematically integrate insights into innovation process
  • integrating content into strategic foresight capability building in a meaningful and action-oriented way

We prefer to work with our clients through the content to evaluate the importance of the items for their specific needs. We know that meaningful answers to market, technology, and industry trends are developed through internal evaluations with external input and by matching them to company-specific assets. If required, we can of course also deliver the best possible information and insights as a package without further ado.