• Focussing on Future Orientation of Organizations

Future Preparedness with Strategic Foresight

A superior position in markets of the future with Perceiving, Prospecting and Probing

It is hard for companies to decide which market to explore next. And it is not because there are not enough opportunities. It is also not because companies have no ways to see what is coming - usually their management is constantly exposed to new impulses, their workforce has a pretty good idea what is going on and what is coming up, and this can easily be complemented by information from external sources. Identifying and acting upon the opportunities and threats that are most relevant for the company is what is difficult. 

Partnering with Rohrbeck Heger yields long-lasting future-orientation that is tailor-made, innovative, integrative and practical, and leading to new innovative strengths. Rohrbeck Heger helps to strengthen corporate foresight practices, also known as the 3Ps - perceiving, prospecting and probing. That is to say, we 1) help in snanning and analyzing change, 2) we support in understanding impact and defining actions and 3)  assist in operationalizing strategy and plans.

Learn more about perceiving, prospecting and probing in our blog article about profiting from future orientation.

Graphic process flow

Expected benefits for our clients:

Identification of innovation opportunities

We identify high value innovation opportunities by scanning the market and technology environment with our clients, translating trends into actionable opportunities and selecting those that carry the highest value for the organization.

The internal assessment is often combined with open innovation methods such as technology scouting, innovation contests, integration with venturing programs and start-up screening. For the purposes of the assessment, we use various methods depending on the goals of a project. 

Building Strategic Foresight capabilities

One-time opportunity scouting and identification is good. But to ensure long-term growth, renewal and survival of continuous opportunity and threat identification is needed. We call this capability strategic foresight.

We build strategic foresight capabilities by installing listening posts in future markets, building up internal and external networks of scouts, developing the ability to probe in lead markets, and assisting our clients with coaching technology and market scouts. We help in clarifying the roles of innovation management and enhance innovational strengths.

Rethinking R&D spending

Often it's not a lack of commitment to R&D investments. It's a lack of focus and market orientation. We help refocussing R&D spending by building a shared future perspective and using it to match current and future R&D projects with high-value growth opportunities.

In such projects we use various methods to create a synthesis of external opportunities and internal capabilities. These include - but are not limited to - scenario analysis, roadmapping, and trend forecasting.

Handling the uncertainty

In times of rapidly changing environments and new emerging competitors we help to keep track of changes and help to identify developments ahead of competition, In addition, we prepare our clients for multiple outcomes using various foresight methods, such as backcasting or wind-tunelling, study the risks and help in adapting to the demands of the business environment.