• Source tailored future insights on demand

Strategic Intelligence-as-a-Service


Most firms have access to a plethora of information sources. However, these sources alone do often not facilitate accessing the right information at the right time. Are you also finding yourself having access to a wide range of information sources but find it difficult to synthesize meaningful pieces of intelligence and actionable insights out of it?


We provide Strategic Intelligence as- a-Service, i.e. scanning in selected fields and compiling valuable insights and recommendations tailored to your firm’s needs. This ensures that each decision your firm takes is a well- informed one.

In close collaboration with you, we form an understanding of your firm’s environment, its strategic goals and resulting search fields. Depending on these goals, we support in:

  • identifying market trends technologies, opportunities
  • filling the innovation pipeline with adequate input
  • discovering relevant high- potential start-ups
  • monitoring competitors and identifying relevant competitive actions
  • benchmarkingagainstindustry peers and best-in-class companies

We use the latest monitoring and analytical tools, innovation, patent and trend databases and work closely with domain-specific partners, experts, and scouts from around the world.

If you have specific sources or proprietary databases, or wish to take stock of knowledge within your organization, we combine our external information with yours in a structured actionable format. Similarly, any pre-defined criteria that you may have can be incorporated into our evaluation of recommended actions. In any case, we ensure validity through triangulation.


We can provide anything from simple summaries to pre-evaluated and enhanced insights, tailored reports covering the latest developments in selected domains, or input to existing corporate trend tools in any format. We have experience with using several top management-ready document formats to make strategic intelligence and subsequent required actions as easy to comprehend as possible. Some examples of these formats are:

  • Cards and snippets
  • Profiles and one pagers
  • Scenario descriptions and visualizations
  • Presentations, keynotes and talks
  • Reports and brochures
  • Printed books or interactive books including apps
  • Trend workshops, sessions, and innovation days
  • Short videos

We package the service flexibly, usually as individual projects or long- term service contracts (flat rates) where you will receive content regularly.