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Scouting Tours


In times of technological breakthroughs, shifts in consumer behaviour permit new players to conquer established markets by leveraging new ways to scale. This new breed of companies is able to disrupt existing industries, create future markets and dominate through speed and agility.

So, how do you get an overview of upcoming competition in your industry as well as in adjacent industries? How do you ensure that you understand these start-ups and learn from them?

We organize guided innovation exploration sessions tailor- made for each client


Berlin, Stockholm and Copenhagen are known for their vibrant start-up communities and dynamics, their inspirational and entrepreneurial spirit. Immersing into these ecosystems in the right way can open up new perspectives, helps you explore new ways of doing business and support you in identifying new opportunities, innovations and partners for future business.


You learn about the latest technology and product developments and gain insights on how to benefit from creative environments and innovative workflows. The guided session allows you to meet start-ups in your fields of interest, see the working modes of carefully selected companies, accelerators and investors and you experience how large corporations select and interact with start-ups.

A key aspect for acting successfully in this environment is understanding the background, the working modes, knowing your way around and how to adapt successfully to it. In our sessions, you get to absorb the spirit of Berlin as Germany‘s top-location, or of Stockholm and Copenhagen as the hot-spots of Nordic entrepreneurship.

Key to successfully using the insights is the understanding that exploration sessions can only be the beginning. Together with you, we evaluate what you have seen and draft novel innovation paths and strategies through creative workshops at the end of each session.

These insights are fertile ground on which your future growth can be built. Possible follow-up activities typically involve collaboration kick-start workshops, design thinking sessions, and collaborative business modelling with selected start-ups.

More complex follow-ups include building innovation hubs, developing internationalization programs and designing idea competitions to create a continuous open innovation program.