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  • The Opportunity Radar enables a continuous scanning process

Opportunity Radar


Today, most industries face an unprecedented speed and magnitude of change. To succeed in this environment, many firms have understood the importance of identifying trends and opportunities early and monitoring them continuously. However, efforts often remain hardly action-oriented. How can you ensure that you continuously spot emerging opportunities and threats, and that your insights trigger the right actions?


Drawing on a proven methodology, we provide you with a customized foresight instrument that enables you to detect future change, link insights to internal knowledge, connect with relevant stakeholders in- and outside your organization and take the right actions to stay ahead of competition.

The Opportunity Radar enables a continuous scanning process that builds on novel approaches in data gathering and analyses to provide you with insights into future changes. We work with you to anchor the evaluation of insights into your firm’s strategy and integrate the Radar process with your portfolio management. Content will be regularly updated, validated and assessed so that the right insights are always at the firm’s disposal.

Translating insights into action is achieved by thoroughly assessing opportunities on customized internal and external criteria. Validity is ensured by collaborating with a variety of internal and selected external experts. The resulting assessment portfolio enables you to make the right decisions at the right times.


Radar visualization for easy and actionable use


Our services range from a stand-alone Radar for exploring and developing specific business fields to the implementation of a continuous Radar process. Best practice companies rely on a full Radar system including

  • a customized Radar framework,
  • an online tool for insight co-creation and collaborative evaluation,
  • a well-integrated Radar process and governance structure,
  • anengagementstrategy.

For new clients, we offer pilot projects including the entire Radar process for a limited number of opportunities or restricted to specific Radar segments.