• Embrace collaborative innovation and market creation 


Ecosystem Development


Many industries are currently undergoing radical shifts. Firms are existentially threatened and need to adapt quickly because traditional business models are being disrupted. On the other side, new opportunities emerge in uncontested market space. But they are quickly tapped into by new actors that often redefine the rules of the game. How can you ensure to respond appropriately to systemic changes? And what can you do to respond to shifts that require collaborative approaches to succeed?


Such radical shifts — also known as socio-technical transitions — fundamentally change the way we innovate. Firms need to adopt a new, systemic innovation process that uses an unprecedented degree of cross-industry and cross-sector collaboration: ecosystem innovation. Ecosystem innovation processes allow a firm to create a deep understanding of the perspectives of different actors in and adjacent to the firm’s direct environment. Further, this process enables multiple actors to create a collective picture of the future and use this to develop interconnected business models in sync.

We offer a working group format to support you in creating and using a powerful ecosystem and exploring opportunities through joint innovation exploration. These working group formats are unique cross-industry and cross-sector projects that systematically create a deep understanding of dynamics, challenges and opportunities shaping the business field.

Building on our expertise in collaborative innovation, networked foresight and socio-technical transitions, our working groups allow you to

  • model objectives and relationships in the value network
  • explore and develop new business fields with complementary market actors
  • exchange knowledge with other experts and build lasting relationships
  • and build trust and identify potential cooperation partners.


We set up and moderate a tailor-made working group according to your needs. An Ecosystem Development project encompasses the following steps:

  1. Explore a focus topic
  2. Model a value network and identify potential partners
  3. Performing collaborative exploration in workshops

Our offer ranges from supporting existing partnerships explore a well- defined business field to creating and developing an entirely new working group around an emerging topic.