• Benchmark your manufacturing capabilities and prepare for digitalized production 

Digital Manufacturing Readiness Assessment


The Digital Factory is the result of a deep integration of hardware and software products, enabling the utilization of data from development, manufacturing, suppliers, and customers. As a result, highly efficient, autonomous, and eventually intelligent production facilities will emerge including a fully digital representation – a digital twin – of the production value chain. The solution space with systems such as Integrated Automation (TIA), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), and data and artificial intelligence-based solutions is rapidly evolving. Do you know what the current state of these solutions is and what can be expected in the future? Do you know if your facilities are ready for the upcoming opportunities of digital manufacturing? And are you aware of the digitalization potential of your production sites and your status compared to your competitors?


Combined, the integration of the above and new systems will make the Digital Factory a reality. In the recent past, a consolidation of individual solutions can be observed. Some original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have set out to become full service providers, aiming to provide a comprehensive portfolio of integrable solutions to realize the Digital Enterprise.

We see Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI), Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) and the move towards data and cloud- based services to be the main drivers towards fully Digital Factories. More specifically, a variety of sensors and connected systems are critical to collect production data on the shop floor. The Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is a critical system of the manufacturing process, handling production planning, execution, analysis and optimization. New data- driven solutions to collect, analyze, and interpret available data are driving automation, self-optimization and minimization of quality defects.

We have analyzed OEMs and manufacturers to determine the maturity of available solutions, as well as the readiness and maturity of production sites based on more than 350 analytical items on three hierarchical levels split into EMI, MOM, and Connectivity.

We have developed a Priority Score based on importance as assessed by our respondents. This score allows us to review the digital readiness of your production sites and derive investment priorities and an implementation roadmap.


The assessment of your production facilities combined with our benchmarking data provides an in- depth understanding of your current position and where development priorities should lie. The unique combination of in-depth evaluation, benchmarking data, insights on current solutions, and development priorities of OEMs and current deployments in production sites allows us to derive detailed recommendations and a Digital Factory Deployment Roadmap.