• A fast track to foresight-based strategy and innovation

Agile Foresight


Many firms know that their approach to strategy and innovation or even the overall future preparedness of the company is in need of improvements. Driven by day-to-day business some patchy approach is in place, you regularly rely on consultants to build a strategy or the drive of a few individuals to innovate and steer your company into the right direction? You are aware that this is a dangerous path and you don’t expect substantial improvements if you keep on doing it as before? But foresight approaches seem heavy, resource-intensive and might not even meet your needs?


The Agile Foresight process

We offer Agile Foresight to get a taste of strategy and innovation work based on foresight approaches. We understand this as a lean and fast track of foresight with a focus on speed instead of completeness. We generate results as quickly as possible – either together with you or on our own. This stands in contrast to integrated and continuous Strategic Foresight that ensures long-term competitiveness.

Agile Foresight is a tradeoff but comes with several benefits. You get to know foresight methods in action and our way of working. Urgent issues and specific information requests that require attention get a quick and representable fix. You can collect valuable feedback from key stakeholders to build a more advanced system on.

In contrast, an advanced, integrated and continuous approach aims at building a lasting and reliable solution. It is a permanent fix that deals with the issue once and for all but needs to be deeply integrated into the organization to unleash its full potential. Thus, it typically requires the backing of the organization, cooperation, thoroughness, rigor and thus time and resources. All of this is often not given – Agile Foresight will support you in convincing key stakeholders that it is the right approach to prepare your company for the future.



We adjust our approach to the issue at hand. This means it might be a quick run-through a specific method or a first iteration through our 3Ps (Perceiving, Prospecting, Probing). Typically, we focus on specific themes and build on existing material to quickly generate results. For example, we can use existing trend and technology reports that are not action-oriented to quickly build an Opportunity Radar. We can also conduct a quick scan for an urgent management request and deliver in a your common format.

We can build on your existing scenarios that are not in use to build or windtunnel a strategy and show the scenarios’ potential to your company. Or we use generic scenario templates to quickly generate scenarios with you and future-proof your strategy. An existing radar might not be well integrated and we quickly extend it to build a strategic roadmap. There are many possibilities.

In any case, Agile Foresight is a lightweight opportunity for reflection, a low risk chance to get feedback from the organization and gain management support based on valuable results and the starting point for the permanent fix of your problem.