• Getting and evaluating insights of future changes

New Business Field Exploration


Exploring new business fields requires digging into many facets, all facing substantial uncertainty in the future. So do you struggle to explore new opportunities and business fields thoroughly, yet efficiently? Can you be sure that risks and chances are covered entirely?


Building Strategic Intelligence starts with information that needs to be filtered, interpreted, evaluated and integrated seamlessly into the firm’s decision-making processes. Only then a company becomes agile enough to keep up with the rapid transformation and is enabled to react adequately to remain competitive.

To integrate a system that meets these needs, we found that four elements need to be managed:

  • organizational integration, processes and governance,
  • content and insights,
  • supporting tools for scale, flexibility and fostering collaborative work, and
  • transfer mechanism.


On the content dimension, we build on novel approaches in data gathering and analysis to provide you with insights into future changes. In addition, we work with you to ensure anchoring the evaluation of insights with your innovation and firm strategy.

Drawing on a proven methodology to interpret future change, we provide you with a customized foresight tool that permits you to detect change, link insights to internal knowledge, connect systematically with relevant stakeholders inside and outside your organization and take action ahead of competition.