• Exploring Berlins' Innovation Landscape

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Berlin is known for its vibrant start-up community and dynamics, its inspirational and entrepreneurial spirit. Diving into this ecosystem in the right way can open up new perspectives, helps exploring new ways of doing business and may help at identifying new opportunities, innovations and partners for the future.

We organize guided innovation exploration tailor-made for each client. Based on our client's needs we carefully develop a program, usually for two days split in several building blocks.

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Welcome & intro to Berlin

We set great value upon understanding Berlin - where it is coming from, what led to the build-up of the current wave of startups, the conditions supporting and still limiting startup growth and the surrounding atmosphere.

During the welcome session we meet at one of Berlin's popular co-working spaces to

  • give the client a first feel for Berlin's spirit
  • explain our approach and give you an introduction to the program
  • point out key characteristics of successful startups 
  • explain how large corporations can benefit and cooperate with startups
  • give an introduction to the visits coming up during the program

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Visit of accelerator, incubator or company builder 

Many founders lack experience and knowledge for building up fast-growing companies. For them, a wide range of programs for early stage startups is available in the city, run by successful founders, Angel groups, corporations or hubs for multiple partners at once. Based on the focus of our client we will select one or two accelerators, incubators, labs and/or company builders in the city for a visit. 

The participants will

  • get access to multiple early stage startups at once
  • get in touch with entrepreneurs and employees of startups to understand their motivation, drive and needs
  • get a glimpse behind the scenes of accelerator, incubator, lab or company builder work
  • gain insights into the collaborative working mode of startups and accelerators, etc.

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Startup visits

Once a company has a viable product and raised initial funding they move on to grow more independently. Still with support from early backers but usually not in 'closed' environments or programs like incubators, etc. We organize visits to some later stage startups matching the client's interests. During the visits

  • experiences during early stages will be explained firsthand from the founders
  • necessary steps to reach viable products, the founders' approach to raise funding and achieve fast growth will be explained
  • participants get to know the latest trends and technology in the industry and the startups' approach to creating a successful product meeting the markets requirements.

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Pitch Event

In order to find investors founders need to present their ideas. A good pitch explains the problem and the startups' solution for it, gives an overview of the market and competitors, the startup's unique selling proposition, business model and long-term vision, the go-to-market strategy and financial needs, and finally the team that is running the company, possibly with some key supporters from outside. All of this in just a couple of minutes. We either organize a private pitch event or take our clients to a public one in the city to let the client 

  • explore a variety of interesting ideas, innovations, technologies, entrepreneurs and startups 
  • get in direct contact with founders, innovators and investors
  • experience a common way of scanning lots of startups quickly (the 'VC view')
  • experience how investors evaluate ideas and which criteria are commonly used to assess a firm's technology and the founder's abilities


Break-Out Event

Berlin's startup ecosystem didn't appear by chance. To understand where Berlin is coming from and what has and is still fueling the ecosystem it is necessary to dive into Berlin's culture, mindset and history. In order to let you discover this background we show our clients one of the most impressive places so that the client can

  • get inspired and creative
  • get a feel for the alternative lifestyle that Berlin is famous for and
  • feel the dynamics and the Berlin spirit


Research lab or university visit

Startups are obviously not the only source of innovation around. Berlin has 16 universities and polytechnics, among them the three renowned universities Humboldt Universität, Freie Universität, and Technische Universität Berlin. In addition, many public-private partnerships and public or private research institutes are present, among them several institutes of the world-famous Fraunhofer Society. All their focus is on exploration and development of innovations, sometimes incremental ones, sometimes disruptive ones. We select a research lab or university institute based on the clients' needs to let the client

  • understand how research labs or universities drive innovation
  • explore the individual steps of a research process and interaction possibilities with corporations beyond contract research
  • discover how universities drive, promote, and support entrepreneurship and technology transfer

Corporate Building

Corporate visit

Many large companies are seeking new ways to do research and development, including finding possibilities to cooperate with young and fast growing companies in their industry, adjacent ones or even completely cross-domain ones. We organize a corporate visit filled with presentations, demos and and enough time for discussion. This will enable participants to

  • learn about the working environment of corporations and their R&D activities,
  • exchange with the corporation's innovation managers and R&D managers about their approach to change and disruption,
  • gain insights on how corporations deal with change and disruptions and embed their R&D and/or innovation units in the company,
  • discover up and coming new technologies, products and services

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Flagship store or point of sales (POS) visit

The concept of customer experience has become a critical differentiator of today's competitive world as it allows to strenghten brand preference, boost revenue as well as new sales through word of mouth and improve customer loyality. Based on the client needs we visit the most advanced flagship stores of large brands or innovative point of sales concepts which guarantee an outstanding customer experience. The participants will in this way

  • experience the latest store concepts and designs of the most successful brands
  • understand how new technology such as indoor analytics can enhance the customer experience
  • learn how to attract more customers and hot to raise conversion rate

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Networking event or dinner

Some of the most important drivers of entrepreneurship are not visible like incubators and all other rather easily accessible structures and activities are. They are the personal networks, belief systems, values, social norms and relationships that might have been build-up over a long period of time. To capture some of it, we take the client to networking events that matter, introduce the clients to people that have been around for some time to open up possibilities for meaningful conversations and knowledge exchange. In case there is no matching event at the time of the stay, we organize a networking dinner ourselves to let the client

  • reflect on the day and exchange insights & experiences with the right people,
  • round the day off with in relaxed and nice atmosphere and meaningful conversations,
  • meet new people and expand your network,
  • connect with the founders, entrepreneurs and investors

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Evaluation workshop

Exploration of a new environment only makes sense with time to reflect on what has been seen, experienced and learned - not months later, but immediately with fresh impressions and some of the atmosphere still in the mind of people. In a final evaluation workshop with the client we help to assess and act on these new impressions. We will draw conclusion and reflect on what has been learned. Participants will 

  • develop an overview on what has been seen and relevance for the own company
  • discuss how these innovations could contribute and be transferred
  • map seen technologies, trends, products and services to the company's portfolio and innovation activities with the help of a trend and technology radar
  • develop concrete follow-on activities and next steps to take