• Future Preparedness with Benchmarking process and analysis

Competitive analysis with Benchmarking

The challenge of future orientation

The life expectancy of large companies faced with the challenges of technological disruption has been reducing for some time. The average lifespan of a company in the S&P 500 index has dramatically decreased from 61 years in 1958 to just 25 years today. For SME’s the average life expectancy is even below 13 years. One key reason is that firms fail to regularly and systematically identify and develop future areas of profitable growth. 

How to attain a superior position in the market of the future?

Compare your future preparedness with rivals in your industry and build Corporate Foresight capabilities and improve your ability to perceive change drivers, prospect future developments and probe into new threats and growth opportunities. 

Determine potential with our Maturity Model of Corporate Foresight

Based on our comprehensive research we have developed a maturity model of corporate foresight and one to determine the need for corporate foresight in an industry. By connecting this to firm performance we are able to determine profitability potential and market valuation growth potential. 


Achievements with the Maturity Model

  • assess your ability to perceive change drivers, prospect future developments, identify tipping points and to probe into new threats and growth opportunities
  • help you define industry and firm specific targets 
  • provide solutions for improving your capabilities in all relevant areas based on the environmental assessment and comparison with industry benchmarks 
  • help you define a development plan for building Strategic Foresight capability

Deliverables for the customer

  • Maturity assessment
  • PPT on benchmarking analysis and results
  • Final report including 

    • map of current activitities
    • list of weaknesses and recommendations
    • implementation roadmap
    • best practice examples
    • practical advises, such as templates, list of suggested databases and tools

We benchmarked IT tools for Strategic Foresight

We constantly monitor and benchmark the Strategic Foresight tool landscape to be able to recommend the best possible solution to our clients. Read about the successful approach in our blog article