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In our insights you can find news, articles and upcoming events around foresight and innovation. Choose one of the most tagged categories below. If you are also interested in academic work, you can find a wide range of selected academic publications from the last years in Academia.


AI-enabled Technology Foresight Summit by Rohrbeck Heger and Itonics

01.11.2018 Erstellt von Stephanie Brosowski

Everyone is talking about it but what is actually possible with AI in foresight? Save your seat at the exclusive summit in Berlin, Soho House in 2019,...

We shape your Future - Newsletter 2018/10

22.10.2018 Erstellt von Stephanie Brosowski

In our quarterly newsletter we share insights on Strategic Foresight and the future-orientation of organizations. Our newsletter is built around a set...

A New Strategy for Old Technologies

12.10.2018 Erstellt von Ron Adner and Daniel Snow

A superior new technology emerges on the horizon, threatening your existing business. Do you simply follow conventional wisdom and strive to make a...

Profiting from Future Orientation - the 3Ps of Corporate Foresight

08.12.2017 Erstellt von Dr. Kent Thorén

Did you know that the average CEO only spends about 2% of their time on long-term issues? Maybe you expected it to be more since factors like...

Future-proofing your strategy

07.02.2017 Erstellt von Jesper Niemann

In this blogpost, Rohrbeck Heger illustrates its approach to scenario-based strategizing.