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Foresight Consulting

Ensure future-preparedness

Market and technological change, increasing product complexity and disruptions, industry convergence, and new value creation systems open growth opportunities in uncontested market spaces. To benefit from new opportunities and prevent being blindsided by fundamental threats.

Increasingly, companies bundle foresight activities and capabilities in dedicated foresight functions. We have a track record of supporting this phase. We support you in building up these functions.

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Strategy Consulting

Embrace and manage uncertainty

Today, many industries are facing an unprecedented speed and magnitude of change. To cope with these transitions, a new approach to strategy and planning is required. More than ever, strategy work needs to embrace uncertainty and consider systemic effects and disruptive forces. We support you in updating your traditional strategy process to ensure more robust, flexible and agile strategies.

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Innovation and Technology Management Consulting

Identify and capture new opportunities

Market waves become steeper and shorter, windows of opportunities smaller. In this environment, adequate instruments to identify innovation fields early, to evaluate own capabilities to address these fields, to determine the right approach and timing are required.

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Business Development Consulting

Grow beyond existing business

Change brings along opportunities within, across and beyond existing business.

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Perceiving, prospecting and probing

Particularly perceiving, prospecting and probing practices are required to identify factors that drive environmental change, to foresee future changes, and to define a superior course of action as industries evolve and change.