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What’s next when it comes to leveraging foresight?

26.02.2019 Erstellt von Diksha Dutta

Dr. Frank Ruff, Senior Manager of PIONEERING NeXt, Daimler AG raised the quintessential question of What’s next when it comes to leveraging foresight,...

How do you understand Machine Learning and its relationship with Precision Medicine?

26.02.2019 Erstellt von Diksha Dutta

Prof. Dr. Magnus Boman from Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm gave an unbiased speech on Precision Medicine - An application case for AI-based...

What do corporates feel about innovation in AI?

26.02.2019 Erstellt von Diksha Dutta

John Miranda, Market Insights Manager at Intel Corporation focused on the aspect of ethics and trust in AI as companies are adapting to change, “As AI...

The perspective of startups: How are they using AI Algorithms to solve problems?

26.02.2019 Erstellt von Diksha Dutta

Dr. Tim Pohlmann, CEO and Founder, IPlytics GmbH, a young startup founded in Berlin in 2012 gave a talk about AI Algorithms to Predict the Value of...

AI-enabled Tech Foresight Summit in Soho House Berlin

25.02.2019 Erstellt von Diksha Dutta

Can AI help to predict the Future? At our summit in Feb 2019 we discussed this topic with participants from Adidas, Bosch, SAP and more. Read about...

Newsletter: What digital leaders should focus on!

06.02.2019 Erstellt von Stephanie Brosowski

In each company you can find many different points of view about the future and various opinions about the firm's long-term success. The challenge...

Industry 4.0: Modular and Architectural Innovation

10.07.2018 Erstellt von Giacomo Villa, Tobias Heger

Industry 4.0 – while still not yet clearly defined – can be considered to be one of the biggest architectural innovations in the industrial...

VUCA - Uncertainty and the Challenges of Strategizing

07.06.2018 Erstellt von Dr. Kent Thorén

Executives and strategists are paying increasing attention to the concept of VUCA, which stands for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and...

Benchmarking IT tools for Strategic Foresight

17.02.2017 Erstellt von Anh Pham

In this blogpost we introduce our tool benchmarking approach.