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A recap on our sustainability and supply chain foresight event

29.03.2021 Erstellt von Sebastian Knab

How do we plan ahead amid so many uncertainties? We demonstrated this in our most recent foresight event using the context of sustainability and...

The Historical background of Corporate Foresight

01.03.2021 Erstellt von René Rohrbeck

For over 70 years, Corporate Foresight has been helping organizations to lay their foundation for future competitive advantage. Read this brief recap...

On the need to prepare for climate change impact on logistics and supply chain management

27.01.2021 Erstellt von Tobias Heger

Many companies have yet to fully understand the impact climate change will have on their business. Here is something to get started with the topic.

How can you apply foresight in Business Model Innovation?

18.01.2021 Erstellt von René Rohrbeck

You have heard that you need to be ready to change, refine and innovate your business model. But how should you go about it?

Is Europe too late for AI?

04.01.2021 Erstellt von René Rohrbeck

While the US still has a lead on venture capital investment, China is perceived to be leading on the amount and breadth of data. One crucial factor in...

What we've been reading lately

16.12.2020 Erstellt von Jesper Niemann

Food for thought in the areas of foresight, business & tech, health & people, energy & environment, logistics & mobility, AI & computing

Air transport will never be the same again…

07.12.2020 Erstellt von René Rohrbeck

4 drivers of change herald a radical transition in air transportation: business travel, regionalization of routes, “star” networks, and flight shaming

Surfing, Vigilance, Perseverance - quer.kraft annual conference

04.10.2020 Erstellt von Ulrike Hempel

René Rohrbeck's keynote on October 13th, 2020: Building the right capabilities to drive opportunities in crisis

An AI-enabled Tech Foresight Summit like no other

05.10.2020 Erstellt von Tobias Heger

What are the key learnings of this year's summit? Enjoy my recap and insights of this year's hybrid edition.

Everything AI

17.09.2020 Erstellt von Elvin Ibishli

Ahead of our AI-Enabled Tech Foresight Summit, we share some food for thought: Is everything AI reliable? Is AI ethical?

Foresight-Driven Innovation at the intersection of Content and Health

14.08.2020 Erstellt von Tobias Heger

Foresight addresses the (fuzzy) front end of innovation, i.e. it focusses on opportunity detection instead of problem-solution-market fit.

3 examples of visionary innovation

02.07.2020 Erstellt von Jesper Niemann

Visionary innovators are developing contact lenses to reduce color blindness, 3D artificial eyes and eye scanners to assess biological age.

Our robot future

18.06.2020 Erstellt von Jesper Niemann

Our team prepared some facts and opportunities in regard to industrial robots.

On Paradoxes, Constants, And Effects

16.06.2020 Erstellt von Jesper Niemann

The team at Rohrbeck Heger looked at the Osborne effect, Jevons paradox and Marchetti's constant and shows which specific predictions can be derived.

Technological innovation to make public transport safe again

10.06.2020 Erstellt von Jesper Niemann

The team at Rohrbeck Heger came up with a few ideas to make public transport safer.

Foresight-Driven Innovation Webinar

15.05.2020 Erstellt von Ulrike Hempel

In today’s fast paced environment, it becomes harder and harder to foresee future developments and the potential for long term success of new products...

On being Too ‘Big Tech’ to Fail. And possibly Too Big to Rely On?

07.05.2020 Erstellt von Jesper Niemann

It's fascinating to follow Big Tech's strategic playbook, and observe the impact these firms can have in shaping the future.

On the colour of Swans and our fragile world

30.04.2020 Erstellt von Jesper Niemann

Nicholas Naseem Taleb of 'black swan' fame made some astute observations in his interview with "The New Yorker". We've summarised the main points.

Using Scenarios as a Strategic Tool

10.12.2019 Erstellt von Jesper Niemann

UPDATE: P. Wack from Shell realized that scenarios are key to defining future strategies in times of change by influencing decision-making behavior

Running effective digital workshops

23.04.2020 Erstellt von Jesper Niemann

We run online workshops using some tools built specifically for running remote workshops. Here’s some of our advice for running a workshop online.

Making the most of online meetings

21.04.2020 Erstellt von Jesper Niemann

For many people, the work modality has transitioned into the digital realm. With our briefing we want to help remote teams to continue to stay...

From Uncertainty to Opportunity

25.03.2020 Erstellt von René Rohrbeck

Do-It-Yourself guide on how to turn uncertainty into opportunity for your organisation. Let us all leverage on ScenarioThinking to reimagine and...

Three important lessons I learned about business in Covid-19 times

17.03.2020 Erstellt von René Rohrbeck

Three lessons I learned about running a small business in Covid-19 times. When scenario-thinking met entrepreneurial spirit in a small restaurant in...

Design Thinking, Agile, Lean ... how does Foresight fit into the innovation method toolbox?

05.03.2020 Erstellt von Tobias Heger

When it comes to innovation methodologies there is a lot of buzz - and still quite a bit of confusion - around Design Thinking, Scrum, Agile, Lean...

Masterclass Foresight-Driven Innovation: Mobility, Energy, Healthcare, Production

16.02.2020 Erstellt von Tobias Heger

Our new “Foresight-Driven Innovation” masterclass is designed to provide professionals a deep dive into the methods and tools that can be used to...

UPDATED: Zukunft gestalten - Content Foresight: Health (DE)

10.04.2020 Erstellt von Tobias Heger

In welchen Umgebungen und Szenarien werden Inhalte in Zukunft gebraucht und über welche Medien und Technologien werden sie transportiert? Wo werden...

Berufsbegleitender Corporate Foresight Kurs (DE)

03.11.2019 Erstellt von EBS Universität

Zukunftschancen und -risiken erfolgreich erkennen und managen: Corporate Foresight ist eine vergleichbar junge Management-Disziplin, die...

How Scenario Thinking creates Leadership (CEO summit 2019, Washington)

14.05.2019 Erstellt von Stephanie Wormsbecher

In April 2019 the CEO Summit was held in Washington DC, where “Leadership for the 21st Century & Beyond” brought together some of the world´s top...

How AI changes intelligence work (Intelli Summit 2019, Stockholm)

25.04.2019 Erstellt von Thea Wettre-Johnsen

On April 10 till 12, a group of Competitive Intelligence professionals gathered at The IntelliSummit 2019 in Stockholm to exchange best practices. Our...

What’s next when it comes to leveraging foresight?

26.02.2019 Erstellt von Diksha Dutta

Dr. Frank Ruff, Senior Manager of PIONEERING NeXt, Daimler AG raised the quintessential question of What’s next when it comes to leveraging foresight,...

How do you understand Machine Learning and its relationship with Precision Medicine?

26.02.2019 Erstellt von Diksha Dutta

Prof. Dr. Magnus Boman from Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm gave an unbiased speech on Precision Medicine - An application case for AI-based...

What do corporates feel about innovation in AI?

26.02.2019 Erstellt von Diksha Dutta

John Miranda, Market Insights Manager at Intel Corporation focused on the aspect of ethics and trust in AI as companies are adapting to change, “As AI...

The perspective of startups: How are they using AI Algorithms to solve problems?

26.02.2019 Erstellt von Diksha Dutta

Dr. Tim Pohlmann, CEO and Founder, IPlytics GmbH, a young startup founded in Berlin in 2012 gave a talk about AI Algorithms to Predict the Value of...

AI-enabled Tech Foresight Summit in Soho House Berlin

25.02.2019 Erstellt von Diksha Dutta

Can AI help to predict the Future? At our summit in Feb 2019 we discussed this topic with participants from Adidas, Bosch, SAP and more. Read about...

Newsletter: What digital leaders should focus on!

06.02.2019 Erstellt von Stephanie Brosowski

In each company you can find many different points of view about the future and various opinions about the firm's long-term success. The challenge...

Profiting from Strategic Foresight

12.12.2018 Erstellt von Kent Thorén

The best-practice activities necessary for benefiting from foresight could be summarized into three sub-processes: Perceiving, prospecting and...

Relaunch Foresight Newsletter

22.10.2018 Erstellt von Stephanie Brosowski

In our quarterly newsletter we share insights on Strategic Foresight and the future-orientation of organizations. Our newsletter is built around a set...

A new Strategy for old Technologies

12.10.2018 Erstellt von Ron Adner and Daniel Snow

A superior new technology emerges on the horizon, threatening your existing business. Do you simply follow conventional wisdom and strive to make a...

Corporate Foresight Zertifikatsprogramm

20.09.2018 Erstellt von Stephanie Brosowski

Wie können Zukunftschancen trotz hoher Komplexität, Dynamik und Unsicherheit im Organisationsumfeld erkannt werden? Lerne Corporate Foresight Prozesse...

Engineering Value to Win in the Market

12.09.2018 Erstellt von Kent Thorén

One of the best determinants for a firm’s long-term profitability and stock price development is its ability to create customer value. It has also...

Industry 4.0: Modular and Architectural Innovation

10.07.2018 Erstellt von Giacomo Villa, Tobias Heger

Industry 4.0 – while still not yet clearly defined – can be considered to be one of the biggest architectural innovations in the industrial...

Management in times of transition - Die Mobilität von morgen

01.12.2017 Erstellt von Tobias Heger, Sebastian Knab

Die Mobilität von morgen gestalten: Management in Zeiten sozio-technischer Transitionen (Article in German)

VUCA - Uncertainty and the Challenges of Strategizing

07.06.2018 Erstellt von Dr. Kent Thorén

Executives and strategists are paying increasing attention to the concept of VUCA, which stands for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and...

The Strategic use of Business Platforms

02.05.2018 Erstellt von Dr. Kent Thorén

Many companies look towards platforms in the hope that they can give advantage over competitor and enable future business expansions. Given this...

Demystifying Digitalization - Digital Disruption and its Implications

14.10.2017 Erstellt von Dr. Kent Thorén

or: who wants to be a billionaire?

Second part of our three part series on the fundamentals of digitalization focussing on the various forms of...

Demystifying Digitalization – Mechanisms for the Impact of IT

17.09.2017 Erstellt von Dr. Kent Thoren

This post is an attempt to give perspective on the much hyped digitalization and break through the buzz by studying the fundamentals.

Future Thinking - Classic, Computerized and Lean Scenario Analysis

16.03.2017 Erstellt von Kent Thorén

In this blogpost, we introduce three ways to scenario building and explain why scenarios are important.

Future-proofing your strategy

07.02.2017 Erstellt von Jesper Niemann

In this blogpost, Rohrbeck Heger illustrates its approach to scenario-based strategizing.

A far more effective SWOT - and its use in strategy formation

26.01.2017 Erstellt von Kent Thorén

This blogpost introduces another approach to assess the gap between the current state and the desired future state.

How SMEs are able to identify innovation opportunities and prepare for the future

13.12.2016 Erstellt von Anh Pham

In this blogpost we share our thoughts on how to build up a successful corporate SME incubation program

Benchmarking IT tools for Strategic Foresight

17.02.2017 Erstellt von Anh Pham

In this blogpost we introduce our tool benchmarking approach.

Welcome to the future - How our professional life will look like in 2035

24.10.2016 Erstellt von Anh Pham

In this blogpost, we share our thoughts on how our work, life and society could develop within the next years.

The Rohrbeck Heger Blogsophy

31.08.2016 Erstellt von Tobias Heger

In our first blogpost, we highlight what Strategic Foresight means and what our mission is.