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    Our mission is to increase firms' chances of long-term success

Who we are

We are strategic foresight and innovation consultants. We are creative, critical and analytical thinkers with the drive to prepare our clients for the future. Our services aim to help you be prepared for future trends, events and developments in a way that lets you create value and shape your company's future. 


Tobias HegerFounding & Managing Partner
Tobias Heger
Founding & Managing Partner DE, EN

Tobias is founding and managing partner of Rohrbeck Heger and has a background in foresight, innovation management, and strategy. He continuously advises clients such as Bosch, Deutsche Telekom, Hyundai, LG, Mondelez, Siemens, Tata Group, Webasto, and many more. Futurist by heart he engages in building up new companies in addition to his day-to-day job.

Industry experience:

  • Automotive & Transportation
  • Manufacturing & Industrial
  • Telecom

Cross-industry experience:

  • Digitalization
  • Servitization
  • Circular Economy
  • Industry Convergence

Key areas of expertise:

  • Foresight-Driven Innovation
  • Scenario-based Strategizing
  • Networked & Open Foresight
  • Innovation & technology management

Before founding Rohrbeck Heger, Tobias was Head of Innovation at EIT Digital Germany, a PPP focusing on strengthening European competitiveness in the digital domain. During this period he has worked with clients from multiple industries with a focus on the future perspective, digital businesses, and the application areas of information technology.

Parallel to consulting, Tobias is also an active researcher, lecturer, and business angel. His research has been published in leading international journals and on conferences such as Technological Forecasting and Social Change, Futures, ISPIM and the R&D Management Conference. Through his investment company Tobias advises founders, with a particular focus on IT, logistics, and mobility.

Prof. Dr. René RohrbeckFounding Partner
Prof. Dr. René Rohrbeck
Founding Partner EN, FR, DE, ES, DA

René Rohrbeck is Professor of Strategy and director of the chair for Foresight, Innovation and Transformation at the EDHEC Business School, France.

Industry experience:

  • Telecom
  • Finance & Insurance
  • Energy & Utilities

Cross-industry experience:

  • Digitalization
  • Servitization
  • Systemic Innovation
  • Industry Convergence

His areas of expertise are:

  • designing future-oriented organizations
  • microfoundations of organizational capabilities
  • innovation management
  • technology management

Before joining Aarhus University, he spent 6 years in industry where he worked on innovation management at Volkswagen and on corporate foresight at Deutsche Telekom.

As a consultant he has served clients on a number of topics including designing innovation management systems, developing and implementing corporate foresight practices, and strategic and financial planning of new business fields.

He has worked both as a consultant and manager for companies from a wide range of industries, including automobile, oil & gas, pulp & paper, information & communication technologies (ICT) and energy.

He has authored the book “Corporate foresight – Towards a Maturity Model for the Future Orientation of a Firm”, in which he develops a benchmarking framework for assessing future orientation and describes best practices in corporate foresight.

His research has also been published in leading international journals such as Technological Forecasting & Social Change, Technology Analysis & Strategic Management, R&D Management and Global Business and Organizational Excellence.


Dr. Sebastian KnabManager
Dr. Sebastian Knab
Manager DE, EN, FR

Sebastian Knab is a manager at Rohrbeck Heger GmbH. He holds a master's degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from Technische Universität Berlin and a PhD from Universität Hamburg.

Industry experience:

  • Energy & Utilities
  • Automotive & Transportation
  • Manufacturing & Industrial

Cross-industry experience:

  • Digitalization
  • Servitization
  • Circular Economy
  • Industry Convergence
  • Sustainability Transitions

Areas of expertise: 

  • Strategic, innovation, and technology management
  • Business model innovation and collaborative business modeling
  • Innovation and technology radars
  • Scenario development and scenario-based strategizing/business modeling
  • Socio-technical transitions and systemic innovation

Before, Sebastian was a project manager for innovation management at the EICT, Berlin, and a research assistant at Technische Universität Berlin, Chair of Sustainable Electric Networks and Sources of Energy (SENSE) and Universität Hamburg, Department of Socioeconomics. At the EICT, he established the energy business group and conducted projects on business modeling, innovation planning and strategic foresight. Furthermore, he established and co-lead the EIT Digital's smart energy systems and business modeling activities. 

Sebastian has worked for the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW) in the Department of Energy, Transportation and Environment and for Prognos AG in the area of Energy Economics and Policy. He has also gained industry experience at Total SA, France, Elektral A.Ş, Turkey, Daimler AG and Aurubis AG, both Germany. 

Prof. Dr. Magnus BomanProf. of ISS | Associate Partner
Prof. Dr. Magnus Boman
Prof. of ISS | Associate Partner SE, EN

Magnus Boman is the Professor of Intelligent Software Services at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm

His areas of expertise are:

  • artificial intelligence
  • multi-agent systems
  • self-adjusting and self-learning systems
  • machine norms and ethics

Magnus shares his academic working time between KTH and RISE SICS AB, a research institute, where he builds learning machines, mainly for improving population health, in the Decisions, Networks, and Analytics lab and assists the CEO in strategy matters. At the institute, he led a foresighting unit for the European Commission 2011-15 where he cooperated with innovation managers and strategists at some of the largest European companies involved with IT.

Magnus' recent projects include artificial neural networks for understanding emotion expressions in the human face, and smart flags for patients in psychological treatment.

For most of the 1980s, Magnus worked for Sweden’s largest institute for payment services, including a position in back-office currency exchange where he programmed a prediction system for long-term currency contracts. He co-founded a startup selling decision analysis software and strategic advice in 1991. He later applied his knowledge in these areas to insurance and reinsurance for natural disaster and nuclear waste management, and he is an alumnus of IIASA where some of this work was completed. In the early 2000s, he led a 3-year academic project on algo trading and autonomous agent trading in cooperation with OMX. Subsequently, he led a 3-year industrial project on future operating systems for mobile phones for TeliaSonera.  

Magnus has co-authored several books, including Conceptual Modelling (Prentice-Hall 1997). His Ph.D. thesis was on federated information systems and intelligent databases. He has published 100+ papers on medicine, management, mathematics, physics, and computer science.

Maren LescheVenturing
Maren Lesche
Venturing DE, EN

Maren is a communicator and connector by heart. She is fascinated by new and innovative startup ideas and happy to support entrepreneurs in growing their business. She is a moderator, speaker, mentor and match-maker.

Maren is the founder of Startup Colors, which is a young company powered by a small group of startup experts offering Innovation Tours, Startup Consulting, Event Management & Matchmaking as well as PR-services. 

Jesper NiemannManager
Jesper Niemann
Manager DA, EN

Jesper Niemann is a manager at Rohrbeck Heger GmbH. He holds a master's degree in International Business and Politics from the Copenhagen Business School (CBS).

Industry experience:

  • Telecom
  • Finance & Insurance
  • Retail & Consumer Business

Cross-industry experience:

  • Digitalization
  • Servitization


Areas of expertise

  • Corporate strategy
  • Strategic R&D management
  • Scenario Development
  • Corporate governance

Jesper is a seasoned consultant, having held consulting roles in Big 4 consultancies and European multinationals for several years. He has experience in delivering for clients across industries on such diverse activities as:

  • strategy development and innovation
  • process optimization
  • digital product development
  • risk management

The challenge of addressing major societal, technological, and industrial trends led him to focus on strategic foresight, where he can apply his versatile skillset and breadth of knowledge. Still, Jesper enjoys bringing his practical hands-on experience into play to ensure pragmatic, actionable approaches to longer-term strategy development within organisations. He has further certifications from the IT University in Copenhagen and IDEO.

Personally, Jesper grew up in South East Asia but is currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark – where he co-owns a winebar and is engaged in other venturing activities.


We rely on a team of highly committed consultants and analysts with a large variety of industrial, regional, and methodological expertise.