Bringing together academia and practice


Rohrbeck Heger GmbH has been founded in 2014 by René Rohrbeck and Tobias Heger after years of continuous scientific and practical work in related domains to form the leading strategic foresight and innovation management consultancy.

Our mission is to increase firms' chances of long-term success and enhance firms' sustainable competitiveness. For this reason, our services aim to help you be prepared for future consequences and trends in a way that you are able to shape your company’s future.

To achieve that we support our clients in translating trends into economic value. With our clients we engage in identifying growth opportunities outside their current business, refocus R&D spending towards high-margin innovations, and install systems to trigger and fuel new innovation initiatives.

We will accompany you all the way from creating strategic plans to concept development and building and leveraging strategic foresight capabilities that enable you to succeed in the long-run. 

Let's talk about your company's future.



We believe that values and high standards warrant top-class consultancy. Our corporate values enable us to be successful in what we do.


We are convinced that reliability is the key to success. You can fully trust our word since we will keep what we have promised to you. Moreover, we act according to principle of transparency. Our clients will be able to access all relevant information.


We will do what it takes to share our knowledge with you and offer you the best solutions. In order to achieve that we strive to improve ourselves continuously and set ambitious goals which you will benefit from. Furthermore, we will take responsibility from the beginning and show great engagement in everything we do and won’t let you down.


We place great value on what you think and say. A constant dialogue is essential, especially in strategic planning and building foresight capabilities. We appreciate open communication and feedback. This enables us to improve our services for you.


We develop models that allow to systematically assess and address the future orientation of an organization. We use our scientifically proven models to benchmark your organization to industry standards and create tailor-made solutions for you. For allowing us to keep our clients at the competitive edge we always strive to update our expertise through close interaction with practice and academic partners.