• Creating value.

Our work is defined by analytical and critical thinking, openness, determination and highest quality levels. We work as closely as possible with our clients, often leading to numerous iterations of a new concept or service with our clients until the best fit is established.

Our ultimate aim is always to generate added value for our clients by preparing them for the future.

Case studies


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Foresight Capability Building, Portfolio Review

  • Design and execution of a foresight capability building workshop
  • Development of novel approach to increase absorptive capacity for input from academic board
  • Review and alignment of R&D portfolio

Strategy Process

  • Development of lean and adaptable strategy process with situation-dependent method selection
  • Piloting of process for selected cases
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Capability Assessment

  • Assessment of existing innovation management methods and capabilities
  • Concept development for integrating corporate foresight processes into innovation management landscape
  • Joint assessment of potential tool support
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Trend Evaluation & Product Concept

  • Identification of trends in the smart home market
  • Definition of a hybrid product concept that includes products and service components
  • Definition of key functions
  • Benchmarking of key suppliers

Foresight Platform

  • Conceptualization, implementation and introduction of a dynamic networked foresight platform to share, assess and prioritize future growth fields for GSMA member organizations
  • Identification and assessment of key trends in key future themes of the mobile industry
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Executive Training 

  • Lectures on Corporate Foresight and Organizational Future Orientation as part of the KTH Executive Program
  • Backcasting Workshop on the future of Financial Services
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Snapshot of the Future: Professional Life

  • Trend scanning, analysis and interpretation
  • Snapshot of the future report about professional work life in 4 different countries
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Prospective Innovation, Radar & Roadmapping

  • Definition and piloting of prospective innovation processes in German factory
  • Build-up of innovation radar to identify, filter, interpret and assess market trends and future technologies fueling long-term and annual planning cycles
  • Megatrend Workshop for Marine Industry

CxO Workshops, Capability Assessment, Audit

  • Introduction of audit to benchmark foresight capabilities across Tata Group
  • Hosting of a series of CxO Workshops for discussing benchmarking results and the need to improve foresight capabilities
  • Development of key strategic steps with CxOs for enhancing foresight capabilities
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Senior Management Workshop

  • Capability Assessment
  • Identification of key gaps and development of key strategic action lines for building up Strategic Foresight capabilities

Benchmarking & Business Field Exploration 

  • Benchmarking of future preparedness on firm level and business line level
  • Identification of key gaps and actions for building up Strategic Foresight capabilities
  • Business field exploration in selected field incl. 360° scan, scenario analysis, backcasting, strategic option development

Technology Intelligence Governance & Tool

  • Build-up and synchronizing technology intelligence capabilities across the TOTAL group
  • Benchmarking and recommendation of supportive software tools
  • 360° scan in selected theme on BU level
  • Startup exploration tour in Berlin

Innovation Radar & 360° Scan

  • Development and introduction of Innovation Radar to strategically align R&D portfolio with growth markets
  • 360° trend scanning in the client's core market
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Opportunity Radar

  • Development of opportunity radar for aligning central R&D with Business Units and for identifying key growth opportunities
  • 360° scan and assessment of opportunities in fields waste, water, energy and digital
  • Development of assessment workshop series & interviews with senior management

Collaborative Business Modelling

  • Identification of new business opportunities at the intersection of the energy and telecommunication industry
  • Development of business models for most promising opportunities
  • Launch of several innovation initiatives