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Student Assistant in Foresight Consulting (Feb 17)

Student assistants are fully integrated project members and support developing foresight solutions for our clients within a team of consultants. Student assistants play a key role in trend scouting, analysis and interpretation and developing foresight reports for our clients and in project management. He/She will also be vital for marketing and social media activities.

Become part of a forward-thinking team! We are looking forward to meeting you.

The full description of the opening can be found here.

MSc/MBA Thesis Project on the Future Preparedness of Corporations

Are you a MSc or MBA student looking to write your thesis on a topic related to corporate strategy, innovation, or foresight?
Rohrbeck Heger GmbH offers you the opportunity to research and benchmark the Future Preparedness of corporations as part of your final thesis project.

Working with our team of consultants, we offer financial compensation and supervision in Berlin, Stockholm or Madrid.

The full description of the research project can be found here.