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Profiting from Future Orientation - the 3Ps of Corporate Foresight

08.12.2017 Dr. Kent Thorén
Did you know that the average CEO only spends about 2% of their time on long-term issues? Maybe you expected it to be more since factors...

Demystifying Digitalization - Digital Disruption and its Implications

14.10.2017 Dr. Kent Thorén
or: who wants to be a billionaire? Second part of our three part series on the fundamentals of digitalization focussing on the various...

Demystifying Digitalization – Mechanisms for the Impact of IT

17.09.2017 Dr. Kent Thoren
This post is an attempt to give perspective on the much hyped digitalization and break through the buzz by studying the fundamentals.

Future Thinking - Classic, Computerized and Lean Scenario Analysis

16.03.2017 Kent Thorén
In this blogpost, we introduce three ways to scenario building and explain why scenarios are important.

Benchmarking IT tools for Strategic Foresight

17.02.2017 Anh Pham
In this blogpost we introduce our tool benchmarking approach as starter of a new series.

Future-proofing your strategy

07.02.2017 Jesper Niemann
In this blogpost, Rohrbeck Heger illustrates its approach to scenario-based strategizing.
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