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Future Thinking - Classic, Computerized and Lean Scenario Analysis

16.03.2017 Kent Thorén
In this blogpost, we introduce three ways to scenario building and explain why scenarios are important.

Benchmarking IT tools for Strategic Foresight

17.02.2017 Anh Pham
In this blogpost we introduce our tool benchmarking approach as starter of a new series.

Future-proofing your strategy

07.02.2017 Jesper Niemann
In this blogpost, Rohrbeck Heger illustrates its approach to scenario-based strategizing.

A far more effective SWOT - and its use in strategy formation

26.01.2017 Kent Thorén
This blogpost introduces another approach to assess the gap between the current state and the desired future state.

How SMEs are able to identify innovation opportunities and prepare for the future

13.12.2016 Anh Pham
In this blogpost we share our thoughts on how to build up a successful corporate SME incubation program

Welcome to the future - How our professional life will look like in 2035

24.10.2016 Anh Pham
In this blogpost, we share our thoughts on how our work, life and society could develop within the next years.
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